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Keep Snoozing Through January And You Will Miss This...

Jan 5, 2008
Been left behind before as the Gurus scoop up the profit and throw you the leftovers? Keep thinking this is your year for online profits but then still have an empty bank account at the end of December? Yes...

Then take a seat and get comfortable, because what you have been asking for has been answered. A new opportunity starting right now in January 2008 for you to make your move.

What Is This New Opportunity That You Are Talking About...

Pay Per Play is being hailed as an answer to millions of prayers sent be website owners. You will not be surprised to hear that advertising is where the money is. Take adsense for instance. Google decided they would share a portion of their advertising revenue and look at the loyal following they now have. Nobody wanted to miss out on their shot at the profits.

At this very moment in time, the beginning of 2008, a major player has stepped onto the field and people are stopping in their tracks to take notice. The reason for that is this company is going to pay for every, not some, but every visitor you can have land on your website.

Now That's Great News, I Am Sure You Will Agree!

So What Is The Advertising That You Are Talking About?

Pay Per Play is based on audio advertising. Similar to adsense, you just need to add a code to any of the web pages you have, and you are done. Automatically your visitors to that web page will hear a very short 5 second audio. It is pretty painless at just 5 seconds, but the rewards to you could be really big.

So You Said There Was A Three Tier Affiliate Program Too?

You can join up for free right at the moment and have the amazing opportunity to profit from audio advertising playing on other peoples websites, as well as your own.

You can be enjoying an additional 5% cut of the advertisers payments that resulted from your second and third levels. Do the sums in your head and it is easy to see with just a few signups your passive income from this affiliate program alone could be enormous.

It seems this is one affiliate program that is worth the effort to promote.

Take Note Though, This Affiliate Program Will Be Closing To New Members Shortly

You will always be able to take advantage of being an audio advertising host, but once the affiliate program shuts its doors, new signups will no longer have the opprtunity to make money from ads playing on websites other than their own.

Website owners are jumping right in ready to make serious profit in 2008 with this program. Residual income is well worth the small effort of sharing this news with others.

If you sign up for free now, come the end of the year you will not have to feel rotten about how the gurus took all the limited positions and how you missed out again.
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If you are really ready for success in 2008 then Pay Per Play is for you. Don't miss out on one of the very limited affiliate positions. Chuck and many others have secured their free positon. Will you? Visit http://www.BigInternetProfits.com before someone gets your spot.
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