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6 Great Tips For Selling Your Home At Auction Within 31 Days !

Jan 5, 2008
* When advertising your "for sale by owner" home, there are three essential elements for a successful auction advertisement. The first is an attention-grabbing headline. When writing your headline, use the features of your home in the headline, such as "Solid as a Rock!" or " Assumable Loan!" You want your headline to be explosive enough to catch the potential home shopper's attention. You want them to read your ad about your home. By gaining their interest they will be interested enough to see your home above all the others.

Make sure you emphasise the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your home such as 'interior designed home' or ' close to surfer's paradise'. Remember you are creating a picture not just of a home but of a lifestyle.You want purchasers to buy into not just a home but a life. Describe your home in as much detail as possible: room sizes, colors, doors, cabinets. Anything that helps your potential purchaser visualise your home.

* An attention holding closing to your ad will get your reader to click on your ad or call . Appeal to their desire to own their own home or holiday home by finishing with something like:" Buy it now, before its too late" or :"Folks are desperate for this home- be the first!" Now you have your ad written place the ad in your local newspaper and if selling by auction your chosen auction site.

* Another good method of advertising is "Open House". You have your house already to show;it looks immaculate,its sparkling clean, the repairs have been made and the clutter cleared, so advertise your "open house". Create colorful,eye grabbing flyers so everyone who attends your open house will get a flyer before they leave. The flyers describe the your home in detail and talk about price. Distribute them locally and make sure that all your contact details such as phone, email and web address are included.

Schedule your "open house" for a weekend afternoon between 2 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. This is when you're most likely to get most visitors.Check your calendar to make sure that your "Open House" is not competing with any kind of local events, sports playoffs, or religious events.. An "open house" is a good method of gaining trust ;offer it even if you are selling by auction. It shows that you have nothing to hide and you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Create a guest book so you can get the names and addresses of all the potential buyers who attend. Take notes, and write down every positive comment made by those who attend. Keep in touch with people who show an interest. This will be important later if you have to reduce your selling price or change the terms of the sale . During the "Open House" talk about local amenities, and schools. Hey if they're really interested and don't know your neighborhood you may want to offer a local tour.

You may get lucky and have someone interested enough to buy your home on the spot! Have blank sales contracts ready, you can get them from any office supply store or download one from your computer.

Place an "Open House" sign in your front yard with balloons attached. If you are on a street with not a lot of drive by traffic, you may want to use some signs on prominent corners with arrows pointing in the direction of your house.

If you sell your home by auction use as many photos as possible but make them relevant. I've seen lots of auctions where sellers have taken pictures of their derelict sheds, of pets, of babies; of anything but the property they're trying to sell. buyers are not interested in anything other than your home!! Potential buyers want pictures of the kitchen, of attic space, , they want pictures of your neighborhood, of your city. Give them photos which show how well your home is decorated, what a good neighborhood its in, what a great city its in.

* Follow these tips and watch your home sell!
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