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Getting Past the Work at Home Mental Blocks

Jan 6, 2008
Many people want to succeed when they work at home, but so many don't. It's not that they don't choose something they want to do, or think they want to do. It's that, in many cases they don't get past the earliest obstacles to success.

The most common is in many ways a simple mental block. They can't get past the idea that they can't find the time to even start, or to work as hard as you have to in order to succeed.

Many home business opportunities are partially at fault for this attitude. Too many opportunities emphasize how easy the work is, even when it's not. When the work turns out to be harder than expected it becomes all too easy to give up, to feel like maybe you just aren't cut out for this work at home thing anyhow.

Successfully working at home takes a certain mindset. You have to accept that you will need to work at whatever you do. That it will take some of your time from your family. That it will cost money, especially if you want to get things moving fast.

The simple truth is that you cannot expect someone to do the work for you. They may help you by providing a system that simplifies what you need to do yourself, but you still will need to work at your business.

So how do you build that mindset?

First you need to be prepared to work. If you find something to make your work easier that's wonderful, but you will still need to work at what you do in order to succeed.

Second, you need to be prepared to wait for success. Some businesses show a profit within weeks. Most take far longer, even years. If you're giving up because you didn't succeed immediately, you're giving up much too soon.

Having a good support system at home is also important. It's very difficult to maintain a positive perspective on your business if you only hear that it's time to give up on it. Talk to your family about it. Maybe enlist their help. At the very least set up some rules that you all can live by.

Support from outside the home is good too. If you're in network marketing, make sure you have a good upline to talk to, and be supportive of those who are in your downline, especially if they're working hard on their businesses. Join forums and talk with other work at home parents. Meet with local people who also work from home if you can.

In the end, not everyone who tries a particular home business will succeed. But those who work hard at it much improve their chances of success.
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Stephanie Foster runs http://www.homewiththekids.com/ as a resource for people who want to work from home. She offers many work from home resources on her website.
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