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Peel Ads No Match For Brand-new Peel Away Video

Jan 6, 2008
Seasoned internet marketers have known for awhile that potential customers are sick of pop-ups, traditional ads, and banners. Since conversion rates and profits have been dropping at record rates, a new, stealthy form of advertising had to be created fast. If you have your own online business, you've probably heard a lot of buzz lately about the new peel video, corner ad and dog ear ad marketing tools. All of this current excitement has been directed toward the greatly sought after Peel Away Video ads, which come highly recommended by the pros.

Peel Away Video is the technological successor to the original peel page which allowed a visitor to simply point and click on an icon in the corner of your site. Once they did this the page they were surfing simply seemed to peel away like a sticker to reveal a static ad beneath.

Peel Away Video ads are based on the same concept except the reveal is now a video that immediately starts playing. The visual impact is startling and impressive and immediately captures your surfer's attention! Most people will then watch your video. This is in direct contrast to having pop ups and banners on your site which are perceived as irritants in the surfing experience of most people In fact people will pay a lot of money nowadays for programs to make your pop ups and page back type ads go away.

There are many sound business reasons why you should use Peel Away Video advertisements. People like to be entertained and they will be definitely impressed by the feature film-like execution of this feature. Many will be so impacted that they will simply send others to your website to experience how it works. In this way, peel pages work are like a natural viral marketing tool.

Secondly, nobody will be able to tell that you spent a few pennies on this program. Peel pages look glamorous and expensive. This helps make a great first impression on your customer who is more likely to trust a web site that seems technically superb.

Thirdly, the peel video program is simple to use. In can be installed on your computer in minutes. Before you know it you will have added your video to as many domains as you want. You can even rotate different video peel away ads if you are selling advertising space and want to run more than one.

Still an additional benefit is that these ads provide your surfers with immediate gratification. They don't have to read pages of copy to find out about the products and services that you have to offer. All they have to do is watch the video you have created for them. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about people not being able to view your video as this peel pages program has been found to be compatible with 98% of all Internet browsers.

The peel away script is sold for a one time fee that you will never be asked to renew. If for any reason, whether it be technical or strategically, that you find the Peel Away Video software does not serve you then is your money will be refunded to you in full. The only caveat is that you must ask for the refund within eight weeks of purchasing the Peel Away Video advertising tool.
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