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Customer Service And The Heirloom Factor

Jan 6, 2008
A couple in Colorado discovered a game they enjoyed. The game was not available in any of the box stores they visited so they conducted an online search one Christmas.

They had first observed the game a year before. They loved the fact that while the game was fun it also provided a perfect tabletop feature for their home adding a unique aesthetic to their home.

As they had remarked positively to their hosts about the game the year before so had many others as the one-of-a-kind game eventually graced their own table. As a family gift to themselves they conducted an online search hoping to find and purchase this unique game.

Their online search led them to a couple in Utah who handcrafted this game. The husband made the board out of the specific wood type of the customers choosing and supplied game pieces that fit their décor or preference.

The wife utilized a toll free number to access the company and was surprised to reach a grandmotherly voice that was profoundly interested in the specific needs of the family. It seems she and her husband make these games and travel to craft shows and other events to sell them. The online store was a relatively new idea for them.

The personal attention this couple received has allowed them to pass along the wonderful experience they had in making the purchase while visitors enjoy the game and the craftsmanship behind it.

I love hearing stories like these because it serves to prove what I have advocated all along - a pronounced dedication to customer service will make it possible for individuals to...

1) Have a positive purchase experience.
2) Enjoy the seed of trust in their dealings with a company.
3) Feel a better connection with the business.
4) Tell others about a wonderful product and the people who produced it.

This couple will say that this game was one of the best gifts they purchased although they had more expensive gifts under the tree.

They may forget the new laptop, dishes or shirts, but they will remember the story tied to the purchase of a game that will remain the center of conversations for holidays to come.

Why? Because the proactive approach to customer service along with a story that can be passed along will make this 'game' a potential family heirloom. And it won't even be because the game is inherently valuable, but the emotional attachment will be strong enough to cause the game to remain cherished for a very long time.

If this all sounds a bit like hogwash think about something you may have in your own possession that contains a story you can easily and readily share with someone else. It could be a gift from your grandfather that contains an emotional attachment that can be shared in the form of a story. It could be a dresser that has been passed down from one generation to the next with one or more stories to share with family.

We all have personal stories we are inclined to share with those who will really listen. As a business owner a personal approach to customer service could provide a story that will make your product cherished and your company trusted.
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