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Business Opportunity Affiliate Program

Aug 17, 2007
A good business opportunity affiliate program pays a commission to sales, so entrepreneur has very little risk of the business. The biggest investment is his own work. And the fixed expenses are minimal. So the hurdle to start business opportunity affiliate program is extremely low but can still be very profitable.

A starter has not to invest time in building up the online store: the products, payment systems, logistics, support etc. It is all ready-made. A good business opportunity affiliate program will pay commission between 20 - 50 % to sales. Many starters make the mistake to join too many programs, thinking that it will bring more income to them. Often the results are opposite: the efforts are divided among too many objects and none will be succesful.

But there are business opportunity affiliate programs, which have already several programs inside them and by joining a starter will actually join several income sourches at one hit. And by getting customer to one program, he will get customers to several programs which will inrease his paycheck by multiple times.

The website of the business opportunity affiliate program must offer relevant and useful content to a starter not just links to sales-pages. Here the content is king and potential sales a side-result. But good program-owners know that the website is just a website. A human touch is needed to help a starter or more advanced marketer. A lively discussion forum is the community of the business opportunity affiliate program. It is important to feel the athmosphere there and think if I want to be at home here.

The support is another aspect. It is like the personality of the website. Check if it is polite, helpful and rapid. It must offer real, content-rich answers to your questions 24/7. The selection process of the business opportunity affiliate program must be done properly. Start by researching what are your own strenghts and weaknesses.

Are you product - or process-oriented. If you like ordinary, everyday products and services, donīt join business opportunity affiliate program which sells professional products, which will require special skills and expertise.

A good program must pay commission between 20 - 50 % to sales. If the commission is bigger there is a danger that the consumer price will be to high which will decrease the sales. Make sure that the quality of the products and services offered is high from the customer point of view.

Business opportunity affiliate program website must offer a newsletter sign-up button. The idea of this is that if the site-visitor will not buy, he can sign-up and the autoresponder can follow up him for months afterwards. It is also important to look whether the program sell products with regular monthly fees. Because then you can get residual monthly commission from that sales without doing anything.

A good business opportunity affiliate program also have a downline system, i.e. multi-tier
structure under you, your downline, and you can earn money from every single sales, which will happen by some of the downliners. It is good to check that the merchant will pay often enough, normally once a month. This is an important factor because it will keep your motivation high.
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