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Prepare Yourself Against Vending Machine Scam Artists

Jan 6, 2008
Why is it so easy to rip people off in the vending machine business? I don't mean consumers but those that want to own such a business? These are very smart individuals that are passionate about having their own business. They want to learn all there is about the business and do well at it. People aren't getting ripped off because they don't pay attention or because they don't want to work to make the business work.

They are getting ripped off because they take the information they get from these so called experts and vending machine distributors that they don't think twice about it. The information that is presented to them appears to be legitimate and to be something the average person can make money from.

By the time they are done listening to the presentation they are willing to purchase equipment, sign a long term contract for the locations, and get started. However, it doesn't take long for this dream opportunity to start falling apart. The vending machines may not be what was expected and the locations certainly aren't going to be anything you can profit from.

There really isn't much that can be done about these types of scams. If you sign a contract with them you will be bound by it. There are plenty of ways the get around the legalities of the written materials. Even though you have been taken advantage of the law still is on their side. This is due to how the material is written and you can be sure they have been through the process enough times to know exactly what they can get away with.

There is also the issue of online vending machine scams to deal with. Chances are you will give them money for a down payment and then never see any benefits from it. They are very good at remaining anonymous and disappearing with your money before you even realize there is something wrong.

You may think you are too smart to get ripped off by such scams, but the problem is that most people don't really know what to watch out for. The best advice I can give you is to carefully look at all the information you are offered. Don't rush into a decision or you will likely come to regret it.

Preparing yourself against such vending machine scams is very important. It isn't fair for someone to take your dream of owning such a business and smash it before you even have the opportunity to initiate it. This happens frequently though to the best of people. The stories are heartbreaking and you definitely don't want to see yours added to it.

The more information you can have before you get involved in this type of business the better. You definitely want to be able to have a chance to prosper in this type of industry. Learn from the mistakes of others rather than following in their footsteps. Be your own advocate so that you can really enjoy your vending machine business from the start.
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Robert Farnham built a profitable vending business after starting totally the wrong way. He now writes about building a vending business and the pitfalls to avoid. Visit his website at My Vending Uncle for more.
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