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Have You Seen The MLM Makeover?

Jan 7, 2008
Most of us can recall a time in the past when we have been approached or even become involved with a network marketing company. Often it was as a result of an approach from a family member or friend. We were told how simple the business was to build and we were given simple techniques and tools that would guarantee our success. However, for most of us, it just didn't work no matter how hard we tried.

Today, there has been a revolution in network marketing that has been inspired by the internet. Suddenly, instead of having only a limited list of people we can approach, we have people we can contact that are in other parts of our country and even in other parts of the world. With the use of internet marketing tools, we no longer have to use the old ways of network marketing. There are new, cost and time effective ways that can help us grow substantial businesses.

To better demonstrate the makeover that has occurred, let's refresh our memories of the bad old days of network marketing. Often it was the extraverts that succeed in network marketing. They had the ability to develop networks of people and seemed to be able to talk to anyone about anything. Without meaning to be being disrespectful, to me they seemed as if they were born as used car sales people. For the rest of us, we struggled through our list of names (mainly family and friends) and by the end of the list we were friendless or alone.

We were told that everyone was a prospect. The product was so fantastic that everyone would want it. All we needed to do was share - there was no selling involved. If we couldn't make money in the business, we weren't motivated enough. There were "ra-ra" motivational rallies, motivational tapes and dream building. But still most of us couldn't get results from the business. A lot of what we were told or taught was simply lies.

Once we had completed our list of names, we were often encouraged to buy leads from lead companies. We were given scripts so we could call these leads. Often these leads had been sold many times over. Often they had no interest in our particular product or business opportunity. Mostly, we wasted our valuable time and money trying to build a business that we were destined to fail in. That's the unfortunate truth.

With the advent of the internet, a new breed of network marketer has emerged. These marketers are setting new business building records, creating large businesses, and achieving the goals they have always wanted. Many of these people are those who have been previously burnt by the old and unsuccessful network marketing model.

The new business model does not involve contacting your family and friends in the first instance. It doesn't involving buying leads and calling them using scripts. There is no more chasing after prospects trying to entice them into your business. Instead, there is a focus on getting rich slowly but surely through the development of business skills such as internet marketing. Multiple income streams are encouraged and business sustainability is a key goal.

While motivation techniques and dream building are always important for ongoing success, the key motivator for most people is actually learning to achieve results. Once you start getting results, this gives you the motivation to keep on going and to grow your business. In my opinion, this is the best kind of motivation of all. The new business model enables you to start seeing results sooner.

A key factor for the ongoing success of the new network marketing model is the use of what I call "attraction marketing". What this means is that rather than chasing prospects, systems are established that attract prospects to you. That way, you are only dealing with people who have an interest in your product or business opportunity and are looking to do business with you. This makes so much more sense to me than the old systems and processes of network marketing.

As you can see, there have been significant changes in network marketing over the last few years. If you have tried network marketing in the past and been burnt, but still have a belief that this business can work for you, then now could be a good time to become re-acquainted with network marketing again. Just make sure you are dealing with someone who has moved to the new way of building successful network marketing businesses. Here's to your success!
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Article by Kevin Sinclair of Net-MLM-Profits.com/. For resources on building a successful network marketing business using these new methods, please visit http://net-mlm-profits.com/nmsbi/.
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