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How RSS Brings Visitors To Home Business Web Site

Jan 7, 2008
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and syndication means republishing an article which comes from some other home business website. And RSS feed is a way to publish updates. Because we home business entrepreneurs are in the information business, in the information highway, RSS offers one way to get useful information and a medium to advertise. What is typical for it, is that the receiver can freely pick the feeds, he wants to follow in a real time and of course to cut it when ever he wants.

RSS gives benefits for both the publishers and the readers. Here are some:

1.The feed is quick, so the receiver gets the news in real time.
2.It saves the surfing time, especially when the feed has the summary of the article, so the reader can decide if he will read it.
3.The receiver decides, from which home business websites he will subscribe the feed.
4.No spamming. RSS feed does not use email, so there is no spamming threats.
5.To unsubscribe is easy by just stopping the feed.
6.RSS can be used as an home business advertising medium and it is better than emails because there is no spamming threads. RSS advertising is highly targeted and the receivers very motivated.
7.Photos and graphics will not be displayed in RSS.

A. How To Start A Home Business RSS?

Basicly there are two things, which a starter will need: an RSS aggregator or reader and RSS feed and the RSS feed comes from the RSS supported website. The RSS aggregator reads the RSS feed from the other website.

There are two types of aggregators, downloadable ones and online ones. The home business marketer gets the online aggregator free but you have to for the downloadable types. Both types allow you to decide which feeds you want to receive. Normally more advanced internet marketers pick the downloadable one, which gives more freedom for the customization.

B. 3 Easy Steps For RSS Feed.

1.Select RSS aggregator, if you are a beginner the online modell is okay, because it is very user friendly.
2.Scan the home page of the target web site for RSS. It contains RSS code, which you need to enter into the aggregator. Copy this code. Syndic8 publishes the directory of the sites, which support RSS.
3.Paste the code, with the URL of the website, into your aggregator.

Now you are ready to receive and to read the feed and new posts appear in real time, when they are published in the sending website.

RSS has many advantages for the home business marketers, because they can choose which feeds they want to receive. Now they are updated in real time about the products and services or websites that interest them. The marketing becomes very focused, because RSS does not use mass distributions.
Small home business marketers can link social sites, personal blogs and websites, which would most probably be interested about their products.

It is clear that RSS is very effective in the information management and in the home business marketing.
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