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How To Make Money Blogging

Jan 7, 2008
Blogging is big today. There are blogs for all types of personal and business ventures and many generate income. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. You basically need to either set up your blog to earn income from sales of your own products and services or those of others, or to market them, like via ads on your blog. And here's how.

How To Make Money On The Internet

To make money on the Internet with blogging, you need to have your blog set up with money-generating activities, or at least be involved in them. You can either sign up for a free blog account at Blogger or with Wordpress installed on your own domain. There is an amazing diversity of opportunities that are available for bloggers to make money from blogging. Top ways to do this are:

1) Your products and services: set up static web pages or a regular website or mini-site of only a couple of pages. Have one page focus on each product and / or service you offer. Then write posts about each on your blog, linking to the page in your post for handy reference. Also include ad spots in the sidebars of your blog, either text and / or graphic images linked to your webpages with a call to action for readers to click and buy now.

2) Someone else's products and services: in a similar manner to #1 above, set up a page to promote the product or services, one page for each item that links to their sales buttons in your sales letters. Then post on your blog about each item you're selling, mentioning one item per post, and linking to the webpages in your posts. If you have small button, banner or other ads, you could link these on your blog as well, like in #1 above, too.

3) Advertising Programs - There is a variety of viable advertising options for bloggers looking to make money from their blogs. The most common way is via the contextual ad program from Google™ - Adsense. This can easily be done by signing up for a free Google™ Adsense account and then placing your Adsense code in as the Search tool on your blog, along the sidebar and in between posts.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Make money with affiliate marketing on your blog fast and easy. Sign up for a free Clickbank account, then search Clickbank's Market Place for things to sell. There are hundreds of products you can find there. Pick products that are related to your niche. Write posts or reviews about the items, focusing on only one per post, and insert your Clickbank affiliate link in the post with a call to action.

For a lot more tips on how to make money with blogging, you can easily find more information online or look in article directories. You'll find hundreds of articles on the topic to delve into it further. The more you learn, the more you can earn!
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