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Don't Let Yourself Get Trapped by These Co-Registration Hazards

Jan 7, 2008
Co-registration leads are legitimate and profitable, but some of these type leads are worth more than others. The lesser-quality leads result in higher opt-out rates than leads you find through other sources, so here are some things to look out that detract from the quality of your co-registration leads:

1. Pre-checked boxes. People may inadvertently subscribe to a newsletter if the box to confirm their subscription is already checked. No conscious opt-in action is required in this case, so they may not want to be on your list at all. Opt-out rates are thus much higher.

2. Incentives to join as many lists as possible. If the co-reg page or service rewards subscribers for joining a certain number of lists, they are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter to get a prize and are not targeted prospects. The chances are they have no real interest in your topic.

3. The speed at which the leads are delivered to you. Some services deliver your leads to your autoresponder as soon as the person subscribes. Some, however, provide leads hours or weeks after the subscription action. The older your list is, the greater your chances that those who receive your emails will consider you a spammer. They may not remember opting in to your newsletter, so you need to be able to contact them as soon as possible after they sign up.

Being thought of as a spammer is dangerous in the Internet marketing world. You want to build relationships, not be thought of someone who sends junk mail for the sake of making a quick buck.

Also, those who sign up to your newsletter from a site that is not your own aren't as engaged with your "brand" as people who give you their contact information through your squeeze page or those who find you through your blog. So you need to make immediate contact to start building that all-important relationship.

One final note is that co-reegistration can be very expensive if you collect a bunch of names and don't know how to convert those subscribers into customers. You can't test your ads and headlines like you can with pay-per-click advertising, so it's best to know your market before purchasing leads.

Not knowing your target market and not having a proven sales system in place may result in you buying a huge list. But that does you no good if those people aren't interested in what you have to sell. Testing is therefore critical so that you can maximize your marketing dollars.
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