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Using Article Directories to Promote Your Wellness Business

Jan 7, 2008
Article directories are located on the Internet. They provide free content to webmasters. This content must contain the author information when they it is used for free by the webmasters. One of the biggest advantages of using article directories to promote your wellness business is placing a link to your wellness website. Whether you operate a wellness web store, are an affiliate with an affiliation link or have some other type of website you can place your web link in your author information. The article directories are wonderful to promote your wellness business.

One of the ways that people know that you are on the internet and that you have wellness products to promote is through advertising and marketing. The majority of us do not have a great deal of money to promote and advertise when we begin our new home business. Search engines find our websites partly based on the number of other sites that link back to our website. The more sites you have your link listed on, the higher your chances of moving up in the search engines. This in turn means the higher your chances of being found on the internet.

What happens with an article directory? A webmaster comes to the article directory and looks up articles based on a key word or specific topic. For example, if you wrote a short article about acne treatment and posted it in an article directory the article would be available for people to use on their blogs, ezines and websites. Each time that someone uses your article, they would then have the link that you put in the author information. If 100 people use your article on acne treatment, you would have 100 automatic links back to your wellness small home business site. Just think about all the people that will now know about your new home business!

As you can see, a few articles in different article directories are a great way to promote your wellness small home business. There are literally hundreds of free article directories to post a few articles with a link back to your wellness small home business Internet site. You can even write short articles about the benefits of the different products or services that you offer. If you were to post one article in ten directories and 100 people used all ten of the articles, you would instantly have 1,000 links back to your wellness small home business Internet site. There would literally be 1,000 ads around the Internet instantly for your business and it will not have cost you a single penny to promote your business using this method.

Where do you get articles to use for article directories? One of the best ways to have articles is to write them. You don't have to be a major in English or even know how to write a novel. You can write a short article of around 400 words about something that you are passionate about. People love information on how to do something. The articles do not have to be strictly on wellness. In fact, if your articles vary on the topic, you are more likely to have others use it because you have variety to select from and increase your chances of being used. This in turn increases your chances of having links back to your wellness small home business internet site. Once visitors are to your site, your wellness products will virtually sell themselves.
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