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Jan 7, 2008
Have you got something to say? Do you really want to talk about it? Are you just dying to talk about it to someone, anyone? Well, why are you not blogging like everyone else in the free world?

It is really easy. First you get an internet connection for your home computer, laptop, or cell phone. You can get on line using satellite, phone, or cable connections. Just pick one.

Once you have gotten off your friends computer and get your own system set up, then you are ready to start talking. Go to any blogging site that appeals to you and set up your own blog site about your favorite subject or pet peeve.

It does not matter what it is, there is probably someone else out there on line already talking about it, but that is ok, because you can talk about it too.

You can put whatever you want to on your blog. Talk about whatever you like and say whatever you want. Keep it within reason though, not everyone likes to read things that are vulgar or are of an immoral nature somehow.

Controversial seems to be ok. The whole idea behind blogging is to express yourself in the way you want to. It gives people their own personal space to let it out.

What happens if you unthinkably run out of something interesting to say? Well, that is when you start to actually read other people's blogs. This will provide you with fresh fodder. You will probably discover that you suddenly have a million more things to talk about.

Do not misunderstand and assume that all bloggers are blowhards who think no one else's opinions matter but theirs. There are so many blog sites on the internet that can help a lot of people, provide some really great information, and talk about some really interesting topics.

Blogging can be a fun way to kill a little extra time or it can be good and helpful to promote worthy things. The possibilities and subjects are endless. Some people use their blogs just for fun while others take them very seriously. The blog will depend on the person who created it and what they are talking about.

Blogging on the internet is one the greatest tools ever invented for freedom of speech. Blogging just goes to show to those who doubt it is still in existence, freedom of speech, or typing as it were, is still very much alive and well in the minds and hearts of bloggers every where.
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