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How to Optimize Your Web Pages with Keywords

Jan 7, 2008
Once you have a massive list of keywords, know that people are searching for them and have decided which ones to target, you have to incorporate those keywords into your pages. In other words, you have to OPTIMIZE your site. To optimize your pages, you need to use the keywords or phrases you're targeting within the content of your page. This shows the search engines that your article is focused on that topic and your site would be the best to find for that phrase.

For each page of your site, pick a keyword and write an article about that topic. Use that phrase and related phrases in the content of the article. But there is an art to how many times to use the keywords so as to retain quality, readability and value. Write your articles with these four things in mind:

1. Keyword Prominence: this is the best place for the spiders to find your keywords. The spiders index the entire page, so you need to put the words in prominent positions like the page title, header and sub-heads. When possible, include your keywords close to the start of sentences. Also, end your article or page with the keyword.

2. Keyword Proximity: this is how close your keywords are to one another. First and foremost, you want your sentences to clearly communicate your ideas, but if you can include two keywords in the same sentence and still make sense, do it. The closer they are to one another, the better.

3. Keyword Density: this is how often you use the keywords on a given page. Use it too many times, and the search engines will think you're trying to beat their systems and "spamming." A good rule is to use the main keyword once in the title tag, once in the heading and once in both the first and last sentences. Altogether, you should have keywords or secondary keywords account for 3-7% of the page's content. So for every 100 words on your page, your keywords should appear 3-7 times. But the keywords have to be surrounded by quality content.

4. Keyword Frequency: this is similar to density but tracks how frequent the same word or phrase is used. Search engines like repetition, so don't be afraid to use the same word several times throughout the page's content. Focus on repeating your primary keywords, and mention your secondaries once.

How will you know if your site is optimized? By tracking your results. If you don't track the keywords you use and how you rank in the search engines, how will you know if you are generating traffic from this source? You won't!

The purpose is to bring targeted traffic to your site. You need to know if you are accomplishing that goal, so you need to know which keywords are producing the results you want.
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