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Email And Instant Message Family And Friends Around The World

Jan 7, 2008
If you are one of the many people who have friends or family in other countries, then you know how expensive it still can be to make international phone calls. There is nothing like hearing a loved ones voice to brighten your day, but that brightness can quickly fade to black when you get your phone bill.

The best way of all to converse with friends and family in other countries is by instant messaging or email. If you have internet service purchased through your satellite, phone, or cable company and if you can type adequately, then you can email and send instant messages. Either one is a great way to talk your head off for free, or type your fingers off, whichever comes off first.

It can be frustrating for many people who might be older or if you are someone younger just learning your way around a computer. It is really easy to instant message and email once you get the hang of it. After a little practice, it becomes easier than dialing a telephone and so much cheaper, well, free actually.

Setting up your email and instant messaging is not very complicated at all. Conquering your fear of using the computer is over half the battle.

When you choose a site that you want to use for your email, just follow the step by step directions that the site will provide you with. If you can follow simple directions and learn what all the little icons, or symbols mean, you will be all set.

Emailing is when you type a message and or send an attachment like photos or documents, to someone else's email address. These messages and items are sent almost instantly, but you do have to wait for the other party to email you back.

It is a great way to communicate with someone if the message or items do not require an immediate response, unless the party is expecting your email and gets right back to you.

Instant messaging is what is known as real time communication. This is where you use your instant messaging service to type back and forth with someone else who is also on line.

You can chat back and forth just like you would over the phone only you use your keyboard. You can also send pictures using instant messaging too.

If you love to chat, you will love instant messaging. If you do not like chatting, try email and you only have to respond when you feel like it.
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