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Marketing Alligator Sausage: A Lesson From Pizza Schmizza

Jan 8, 2008
We homeschool our children, but Idaho's public school system kindly invites all kids to play sports. It's been a great experience for our children, and they've been welcomed by their public school teammates. Recently, we traveled to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for an important softball tournament. The winning team would go on to the State Championship. The stakes were high.

It was the final game. My daughter came up to bat. Our team needed a run to tie, and the tension was thick. A swing of the bat, and the ball screamed toward right field. Gentry not only scored the tying run, she was voted most valuable player of the game afterward. Oh, and we won the game too!

But I learned another lesson as well...

When we got back to the hotel, we were all badly sunburned, hot, and tired. Although we had to eat, nobody felt like going out. Pizza delivery was the perfect solution, so we asked the front desk clerks for a suggestion.

Immediately, their eyes lit up. "You have to try Pizza Schmizza!", raved one clerk as the other nodded enthusiastically. "The pizza is AMAZING, and they have some awesome sauces. You can even get spicy Thai pizza, even alligator sausage. They are the best!"

Their enthusiasm was contagious. I just had to knooow how they heard about this place.

As it turns out, each week, Pizza Schmizza brought them free pizza. The front desk clerks would enjoy this pizza (enormously, I hear) on their breaks.

At that point, I had an epiphany.

Weary travelers see front desk clerks as local experts. Clerks are often asked for restaurant and entertainment information. Pizza Schmizza recognizes that some potential customers will connect with the front desk clerks. By giving free samples to the clerks, Pizza Schmizza increases their business and they don't spend a lot of money doing it. This strategy works for them, and it can work for you too.

Now, I've heard all the objections. I know you need to make money, and I know you can't afford to give your product away for free. But giving away samples costs very little, and offers tremendous returns.

Oh please! Quit thinking small. The small cost for giving away a sample of your product will become totally insignificant if you get it into the right hands!

Is there a chance that person will not spread the word? Of course, I am sure that Pizza Scmizza has given pizzas to dozens of hotels!

Worried that someone may copy your idea? That is a risk, albeit a small one. Copycats are trying to make a lot of money, fast. They are not interested in offering great follow-up care to their customers; nor do they offer higher-end products to customers who want more. You, on the other hand, don't make those mistakes, so your customers are loyal.

You can learn a lot about business promotions and marketing ideas from companies like Pizza Schmizza. By offering free samples, you can expand your business and develop a loyal clientele. It's time to kiss that small mindset goodbye!
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