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How Giving Away Things At A Coffee Shop Can Increase Your Sales

Jan 8, 2008
You may want to consider offering free coffee products to entice people to become regular customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to give out punch cards. This is similar to a business card and they can easily carry it in their wallet. Each time they come in for a drink they will get one punch on that card. After it is filled up, they can redeem it for a free coffee product.

It is very easy to devise a system where you can give away free coffee. It can be based on the number of purchases each customer makes or the cost of those purchases. One of the easiest ways is to offer a punch card. Each time they come in you can punch it until it is full. Then they can benefit from their free reward that is part of the program.

Some coffee shop owners go a step further with this type of give away. They can have the customer fill in their name and personal information on the back of it. A drawing can take place monthly for terrific coffee products from these eligible customers. It can be a gift certificate to use in the coffee shop, samples of coffee, and even coffee cups.

If you don't want to offer monthly prizes at the coffee shop you can go with a long term plan. Each full punch card that is redeemed during the year can be placed in a drawing for a nice prize. This can be a trip to Las Vegas, tickets to a wonderful play that will be in the area, or other prize that people will really enjoy.

The concept of free samples is used in many different types of businesses including bakeries and ice cream shops. Why not extend that to your coffee shop business as well? Having a large menu selection really doesn't matter if people don't know what you are offering. If someone does order a drink they aren't happy with the taste of, be willing to replace it free of charge. They will really appreciate the personal attention.

Do you offer free samples at your coffee shop? If not you really should consider doing so. Too many customers get accustomed to their usual drink because they are afraid to try something new. They may stop coming in though as they have grown tired of that particular drink. With free samples you can encourage them to try new items on the menu. They will embrace that selection instead of feeling threatened by it.

When you are designing your coffee shop, consider offering some places where customers can access free wireless internet connections for their laptops. This is a very nice free gift you can offer them. They can take some time to enjoy their drink while they are working too.

You may want to think about placing a few computer terminals in the coffee shop as well. Not everyone has a laptop that they can use. With access to the computers you offer they can enjoy coffee while doing some work they need to get done or to send an email to a friend.
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