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Myspace Marketing For Idiots. Do Friend Adder Bots Work?

Jan 8, 2008
Over the past few months I have become very involved using the strategies of web 2.0 to expand the growth of my business. My primary social networking site is Myspace. Myspace allows me to gather friends and network with like minded people about basically anything of interest.

Stealth Friend Bomber is instantly activated, messaging, groups and mass commenting all in one. This is the ideal software to use because of the number of features you get. They also give you free manuals with the software on how to be successful on MySpace, YouTube and even Craigslist.

Once your MySpace profile starts getting more traffic and people ad you as a friend you can then send them relevant information and messages to subtly promote yourself to thousands of highly targeted prospects. I was so ecstatic when I found out about this software called Stealth Friend Bomber because it was just the tool I needed to spread the word about my business. I like this one better than the others because it is a MySpace bot on steroids.

When using social networks it can become time consuming depending on how many you join and how much energy you give to them. So I searched for ways to still accomplish using the social networks and putting my business in front a targeted audience without spending hours and hours to do it.

A MySpace friend adder or, MySpace bot as it's also known by, will automatically send friend request to predetermined groups of people that you choose as your target market. After you send the request and message your MySpace profile gets observed and promotes your business to thousands of the highly targeted clients you chose. I was so excited when I found this tool because it was just what I needed to broaden the word about my business. There is a free MySpace friend adder bot called Stealth Friend Bomber. That's right, try it for free!

My affiliate marketing conversions exploded and now I'm starting to use it for my eBay store. Doing what I have done would have taken me so many days to complete without using this software. I used to separate myself from my family when I was trying to get some work done online. Now I can play with my kids and just let my computer do the work for me!

The significance of being able to use this Myspace friend adder far exceeds the meager cost of this product. It took no time at all to build a strong network on Myspace just from using the free download. They have excellent support staff that answered the questions I had quickly. I spent less than twenty bucks on this thing and got my money back within a few hours!

My home based business endeavors took off and I'm now starting to use it for affiliate marketing and the amount of time it would have taken me to expose what I have to over a thousand people the ancient way is now done in less than the amount of time it takes to catch a movie. I think I'll watch one while the Myspace friend adder is running today!
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