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The Question Is... Customized Websites Or Template Websites?

Jan 8, 2008
I am constantly asked the same question over and over on my blog. The question is should I get a customized website or just use one of the template sites.

Before I could answer such a complicated question, I had to ask are you creating a website for a brick and mortar company or for a squeeze page?

There is a lot of coding that takes place behind the scenes for a customized website to come to life. The customized website is going to be the best setup for a website that wants to sale products on their website vs. just creating a squeeze page.

You won't be in business long just by creating squeeze pages and capturing names and email addresses so don't waste your money on a customized site.

For the previous situation, I would have to recommend that you pay the big bucks for a customized website. Your website will look professional and it will be coded the way you need it to make the sales you are wanting. The hosting packages you need to look at will run you about $25 a month.

Now that you have paid a programmer or web designer to build your website, now it is time to find a hosting site to host your website. Many companies will try to sale you hosting but buyer beware here. You also have other issues to worry about such as payment processing, etc. But for now, lets concentrate on the hosting.

Without hosting, your site will not be live. You might be able to see the site that your designer created, but it will not be on the net. You have to pay for hosting so your site can be displayed and viewed on the web.

So now the question is who do I get to host my site? Again, good hosting should run you around $25 a month. See what I mean, it sounds simple, but it is a complex issue.

Now, as of the 1st of January, our original question "Customized Website or Template Website", is a no brainer. You see Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all the other search engines hate duplicated content.

The search engines are always looking for duplicate content to ban. On the 1st of January, they slapped thousands of website templates. You see a template could be used hundreds of thousands of times and now the search engines are reading those as duplicate material. Even though the verbage may be different, the program is the same.

What does that really mean? It means if you have a website that you create using a template, you will never, never ever, be able to make it optimized! You can pay thousands of dollars for pay-per-clicks, SEO engineers, etc. and your site will not be in the top 10 of any search engine.

So the only answer now is you have to have a customized website. Now the question is where can you find a customized website for a reasonable price? I have that answer for you as well. Not only do they do customized websites for you, they do it all! That's right! They will build you a customized website and host the website for you and even pay for your domain. All you have to do is pay for the hosting, create your content, (only you know what you want on your site) and that is it.

Now you ask how much do they charge? Well I have paid in excess of $5,000 for some of my sites with this company and they do an excellent job. Now I am blown away at what Randall is offering to all new clients (that does not include me!) For a limited time Randall and his team is offering new hosting clients a FREE customized website!

Randall does not like Google and since they slapped so many websites that were templates, Randall is feeling sorry for these people and offering his services for free to get them back up and running. I talked to him the other day and he said that he is offering this for a limited time and that he would not be able to offer too long or he will be out of business. So you need to reserve your spot while you can.

Now you have all the answers and a contact for the customized website. The question is now, what are you going to do now. You need to take action...that is what you do now!
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Before you buy a ho-um template, check out the offer I was telling you about from Randall. He is offering free websites and for a finite time, he is paying for your domain name. Examine some of the sites that he has produced here free websites
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