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Using My Articles- Article Directories

Jan 8, 2008
When you create an article to promote your website, one of the first places you should look at is article directories. The website repositories house thousands of articles for free. And in exchange the author is allowed to promote their website at the bottom of the article, where any interested reader can visit for more information.

Whether you're an expert or just getting started in your business, promoting your articles in article directories gives you the chance to position yourself as an expert to potential interested customers. Article Directories are great for getting exposure to your articles, and ultimately your website.

It's not necessary to write the articles yourself. There are plenty of options out there to find people to write articles for you. And although outsourcing the articles can be expensive up front, if you're doing your promotion strategies correctly, and submitting the articles to multiple directories, the articles should pay for themselves in no time at all with increased sales and profits.

If you're a massage therapist lets say, and you wrote an article about the best massage in your hometown. If you distribute that article across multiple article directories. It's likely that your potential clients could run into your article, and decide to hire you based upon your expertise.

Also what you'll find is that when your articles get purchased on multiple article directories, other website owners who have sites related to your own may find your article interesting and useful and decide to incorporate it into their website. Because they must maintain your author links, now you have the possibility to get traffic from their website as well.

Even better than other website owners is the blog world. There are tons of blog authors out looking for interesting, relevant content to post on their sites. You'll find that your article can get picked up by multiple blogs, and the increasing traffic you get, especially from very high traffic blogs can be astronomical.

The number of article directories varies but is probably in the thousands. Don't just put your article on one article directory, because if you have the ability to work with a few hundred you can really skyrocket the traffic and hopefully eventually the resultant sales and profits with your articles.

For the time or money invested, article marketing is a very effective means of getting visitors and business for you online.
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