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Making Changes So Your Vending Machines Can Make Money

Jan 8, 2008
A vending machine business can be very profitable for someone that has quality machines in the best locations. Don't panic though if you find your sales are slumping. Instead of sitting back and stressing out over it though you need to fully analyze the situation. Find out all you can about why they have dropped in sales or they aren't making sales at all.

One thing you are going to discover with this type of business is that you can't control all the variables. You may have your vending machines at a sports field and then it is closed down due to a new one being built. You may have it outside of a department store but it is shutting down or relocating.

There are several things you can do to get things back on track. First, it is a good idea to have a clause in your vending machine contact about this. You don't want to find yourself obligated to remaining in that location or having to pay money to the owner of the location due to what you have in writing.

Don't just remove your vending machine from the location though. Talk to the owner and let them know your reasons behind the move. This way you can leave the relationship on good terms. They may open another business later where you will want to put a vending machine. It may be that their current business picks up again and you will want to negotiate a new deal with them.

Don't move the vending machine though until you have found a new home for it. Since you are under pressure to make money, you may hastily choose one. This can lead to even more problems though as it may not be a good location after all. Scout out new locations all the time as possibilities. You don't have to put all the time into observation at this point but know where you can do it if you need to.

Don't always assume that the problem is the location though. Monitor it for several days to see what is going on. You may need to drop your prices in order to make the sales. Consumers like to get a good deal so if they can walk down the street to save $.10 on the same product they will likely do it. If they buy products from vending machines on a regular basis this will add up quickly.

How well are your machines working? You may discover when you go to stock them that you have more money than products sold. This isn't good as it indicates people are getting ripped off by your machine on a regular basis. As a result, they decide to stop using it at all. They don't want to have a 50% chance that they will get the product they paid for.

You can definitely have a very profitable vending machine business. In order to make it happen though you are going to have to keep an eye on how well things are going. Too many vending machine owners wait for the best but then suffer when sales lag behind. There are plenty of options you can incorporate in order to get your vending machines to make more money. Be willing to take some calculated risks in order to benefit though.
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Robert Farnham started his vending business the wrong way. To read how he built a successful vending business and learn why you should avoid unethical vending locators, you can read more details on his sites.
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