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Six Sigma Makes Its Way to the Contact Center

Jan 8, 2008
Contact centers have benefited so much by implementing Six Sigma that now it is impossible for them even to think that they can manage their operations without it even for a single day.

Why Six Sigma Is Better Than Other Quality Initiatives

Six Sigma may have been originally devised as a quality improvement tool for use in the manufacturing sector, but that has not stopped it from making its way to the services industry such as contact centers. It is different because it makes use of foolproof statistical tools and techniques that help in making the most accurate assessments, predictions and calculations, necessary for making effective and long-lasting quality improvements.

Six Sigma has stood the test of time when others have failed because it was quick to embrace emerging technologies, something that helped quite a bit in designing and developing newer and more effective quality improvement tools and techniques.

How Is Six Sigma Helping Contact Centers?

Most contact centers act as a vital link between a company and its customers. As such, it becomes quite important to provide high-quality services that will motivate customers to remain loyal to the company. By implementing this process, contact centers have been able to achieve this objective quite easily, which in turn has proved beneficial for both the company and the customers.

It has also helped to improve the efficiency of agents by reducing their workload and by providing improved work conditions to them.

How Is Six Sigma Helping Contact Centers To Expand Their Operations?

Contact centers that have implemented this process have saved millions of dollars over the years, which are now being used for expansion through the establishment of newer contact centers. Getting work for newly established contact centers is not a problem because every satisfied client automatically recommends the name of the contact center to other potential clients, bringing in more business for the contact center.

Handling the increased workload is also not a problem because 6 Sigma helps in streamlining operations so as to achieve optimum efficiency. Thus, we see that it actually creates a highly profitable business cycle that can be used by any contact center to expand its operations.

The Future Of Six Sigma In Contact Centers

Six Sigma is probably the only quality improvement initiative that has survived the test of time. We can say with quite a lot of conviction that it will continue to be used by contact centers as long as some other more effective quality improvement technique is not developed.

It's effectiveness can be verified by the fact that companies that had implemented it ten to fifteen years back are still using it in spite of the huge changes in technology. After considering all these factors, it becomes much easier to predict the positive future of Six Sigma in contact centers.
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Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.
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