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Place Your Articles on Websites, Blogs and in Newsletters

Jan 8, 2008
Writing an article doesn't automatically drive traffic to your website. You need to generate interest on your topic and draw people in. This just doesn't automatically happen on its own. It takes some effort. Take the time to place your articles on websites, blogs and in newsletters to generate interest and create back links to your site.

Use Article Marketing to Generate Interest

You know the specifics about your niche topic. Share it with others by writing an article about it. Writing articles won't be overly time-consuming because you're writing about something you already know. If you're having trouble coming up with topics, write down a list of keywords from your website. Play with the list of keywords to come up with keyword phrases, too.

Choose an item from the list and begin brainstorming for ideas that revolve around that topic. Let's say, for example, that your topic is article distribution. One method to create ideas about article distribution is to write it in the center of a piece of paper and create branches that stem from it. Each branch will then represent a new topic on the subject. So you might have a branch about how distribution sites work or a branch about how article distribution helps a new website gain momentum.

Boost your search engine rating by not only adding high-quality content to your own website, but also by submitting your articles for publication on other websites. Then submit to article directories for syndication. Submitting articles to directory sites allows many different publishers the opportunity to pick it up. They print the article as a whole, along with your author's box; creating back links that will bring targeted traffic to your site.

Syndicate Articles to Promote Your Website

I was hesitant to use these methods to promote my business at first. I needed to spread the word about my services. I wasn't sure about syndicating articles, though. How could publishing the same article across the Internet help me gain clients?

To fully understand, you need to know how Google ranks websites. Google likes sites with a lot of content and a lot of back links. By placing your article in a directory, you get both of these.

Publishing Articles: Beyond Article Directories

Article directories are great place to start advertising business. It isn't the only avenue though. You can use the articles on blogs and in newsletters as well. Starting your own blog is free and easy to do. Blogs are also a way that you can connect with customers, answer common questions, provide information in an informal setting and offer a back link to your site. Blogging can help you develop expert status.

Including your articles in newsletters is another alternative to spread the word. There are several ways of going about this. One way is to approach publishers and offer them one or more of your articles for inclusion in their newsletter in exchange for including an author box. Another option is to create a newsletter of your own. Choose a new theme each month, write articles, forming a newsletter and include timely information. Use the opt-in list on your website for addresses to send a newsletter to.

Placing your articles on websites, blogs and in newsletters gives readers a variety of options for finding the information you provide. If potential customers find that information useful, they will likely visit your website. Over time this leads to increased traffic to your website and increased revenue.
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