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Master Resale Rights: 5 Ways To Make Money Today

Jan 8, 2008
Need some cash quickly? Got any master resale rights products on your hard drive that are just collecting virtual dust?

If you are like many Internet marketers today, you probably have megabytes (or gigabytes) of master resell rights products on your hard drive that you are not doing anything with. Why not put them to work? After all, that is probably why you downloaded them in the first place!

Here are 5 ways to make some quick money with all of those products... today!

1. Email Your List

You do have a list, right? Assuming you have a product that would be a good fit for the people on your list, put together a quick broadcast email. You could review the product, offer it on sale, etc.

2. Create A Package

Take a number of master resale rights products and create a package. You can just create a package that is an incredible deal, or you can create a package on a theme, like the "Webmasters' Super Pack" or something.

3. Create A Membership Site

Got a lot of products with master resell rights? Create a membership site! People love membership sites. They don't have to download everything at once, they can just download what they need when they need it! You can have a one-time purchase with lifetime access or you could have a fee for access for a certain amount of time, say 3 months or 6 months. You can even have a recurring membership, billing people monthly.

4. Niche It Out

Instead of targeting general sales, pick a niche. For example, maybe you have a product with resell rights that shows people how to achieve better search engine rankings. If you just put it out there targeting the SEO market, there is a lot of competition. But how many people are just targeting lawyers to show them how to improve their search engine rankings? How many are targeting local businesses in their town?

5. Have A Dime Sale

People love a bargain. Ever heard of dime sales? You can get scripts that will gradually increase the price of a product over time or per sale. These are often called dime sales because some of the scripts increase the cost of the product by a dime every time a sale is made. Almost any decent quality resell rights product can be a great candidate for a dime sale, just be sure the license allows it. Master resale rights products are particularly good for dime sales, as people know they can quickly "flip them" (resell them) for a profit.

There you have it, 5 quick ways to make money today with master resale rights. Combine #1 with #5 and you have one of my most profitable marketing techniques! There are hundreds of products with master resell rights available on the Web, with more coming out every day. Use the techniques above and you can produce money from them anytime you want.
About the Author
Mike Adams is the owner of Gigantic Resale Rights, a membership site that provides master resale rights ebooks, software, templates, and more. As a special offer for our readers, Mike would like to offer you several FREE Master Resale Rights products at http://www.gigantic-resale-rights.com/
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