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Blog Marketing: Why You Need To Know About RSS

Jan 8, 2008
As blogs became a larger and larger part of the internet, they have become a larger and larger part of internet marketing. One of the reasons they have become important to online business is because blogs offer unique tools as part of their structure. These tools can be beneficial in enhancing online marketing campaigns. One of these tools is RSS.

RSS has been around for a while. It was developed back in the mid to late 90's. It has only recently become a mainstream part of the internet. RSS, having gone through a number of different names using those initials, currently is popularly known as Real Simple Syndication. By now you are probably asking yourself, What is RSS and why is it important to me?

The best way to describe RSS is simply this, instead of your customer going to your website, the website content goes to them. RSS is a method of broadcasting your content to whomever signs up to get it.

For example, if someone is interested in gardening, they may want to read new articles on gardening. They go to a few gardening blogs and sign up to receive RSS feeds. Whenever there is a new posting on those blogs, those new postings will be sent to their computer. Now instead of having to navigate to those websites to see if there are any new posts, all they have to do is open their RSS reader or RSS enabled browser and see all the new content waiting for them.

RSS is important to know about if you want to use blogs as part of your internet marketing scheme because RSS is a tool built into all blogs. Blog software automatically is configured to send feeds to anyone who signs up. That means whenever you post to your blog all the RSS subscribers will get that post.

Can you begin to see how powerful a marketing tool this can be? Every time you would post a new article, review or product sales suggestion, your list of RSS subscribers would automatically find this information on their computers. You don't have to worry about spam filters or anything that might interfere with email delivery. RSS feeds don't suffer from those problems, not yet anyway.

You could develop marketing plans targeting RSS subscribers. How easy would it be to do affiliate marketing with a solid list of RSS subscribers? You post a review of an affiliate product with your affiliate link and it would automatically be delivered directly to their computer.

In addition to that, your subscribers would have the opportunity to leave comments back on the blog if they are so inclined. That way you get instant feedback as to what you are doing wrong or right. It makes it easier and faster to adjust your marketing in reaction to that feedback.

Staying on top of technology is important to you as an internet marketer. New technology usually leads to new ways to market online. RSS is one of the newest ways to market to a target audience. Blogs are currently the easiest way to generate RSS feeds. By utilizing RSS and your blog you can create another stream of internet marketing to add to your overall online plan.
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