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Internet Marketing In Minutes With Blogs And PLR

Jan 8, 2008
There are many different ways to use a blog for internet marketing. Some blogging methods help drive traffic to your site. Some blog strategies drive traffic to an affiliate site. Instead of sending traffic from your blog to somewhere else, you can actually use your blog as your main site. Couple that with a PLR product you can sell and you can be up and running as an online marketer in minutes.

First let's make sure you know what PLR products are. PLR is short for Private Label Rights. Private label rights describes how you can use a product you have purchased to resell. Private label rights products have much more leeway on how you can use them than anything other than your own product.

Private label rights usually means you can literally treat the product as your own. The main difference between your own product and PLR products is, you own the copyright on your own product but you cannot claim copyright on the PLR product as it is.

PLR means that you can put your name on it as the author or publisher, and you can add to it and change it. You can also change the format. If it is an ebook, you can make an audio out of it for example. Once you change the product enough, then you can claim copyright to the new changed product.

Let's assume, you have your PLR product and now you are ready to market it. While there are a number of ways to do that, having your own site is likely the best way. The biggest obstacle to that is, setting up your own site can be a daunting project. Blogs have changed all that.

It takes very little effort to set up a blog. If you are willing to have a URL that includes wordpress.com or blogger.com, you can set up a blog and be on the internet with your product in minutes. You can go to Wordpess or Blogger and fill in a few blanks, upload or type a post and you have your own site online.

You can set up your blog on your own domain if you like also. It is a little more complicated but great directions are provided. Having it on your own domain gives you more control.

Now that you have your site ready to go, you can start marketing your PLR product right away. You can create a sales letter and copy it into your blog as a post. Next format it in the WYSIWYG editor, upload a picture or graphic and you have your own website with a sales page for your PLR product.

You can make other posts to enhance your sales letter. You might create a post with testimonials. You could create a post copying a small sample of the product if it is an information product. You could post snipits of advice from the product. You could post articles on the product topic.

The thing with blogs is, every time you add a new post, your blog can ping directories to let them know there is a new post. The more new posts the more pings and the more times the directories will hear from your blog. You can also do conventional marketing including pay per click advertising sending them to your blog sales page so they can buy.

PLR products give you the opportunity to have your own product without having to create one. Blogs give you the opportunity to have your own web site without having to create one. Put them together and you have a quick and easy way to jump into internet marketing in a matter of minutes.
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