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Writing Articles For Awesome Affiliate Income

Jan 8, 2008
Writing informative and interesting articles promoting products from companies that offer affiliate programs can be a great business. When you write an interesting article that causes potential customers to come to your website, where you promote the product from the company. If the customer purchases a product after visiting your website, then you are paid a portion of that sale depending on the affiliate program in place.

The essence of the business comes from generating the initial interest from the article, then having a great sales pitch on your website which makes the product you're promoting compelling to buy. By generating a great website with great content, you also position yourself to create a repeat customer, as chances are they may come back to your website if they find themselves in need of the same or similar items in the future.

Article Creation Basics

If you have natural writing skills, you can get started right away with your own writing. If not however, it's fairly simple to find content either for free or at a very reasonable price, so that you can place it on your own website.

You can start off the work with a freelance writer by being very clear on exactly what you want. What should the general idea of the article be about, the length, and what company/product you're going to promoting and how you planned on promoting it. While on the other hand when you get free content, you're not able to be as discerning about the content that you're able to aquire.

When you create your own article, or outsource it made for you, you own the entire copyright. That means you can control how the article is used, and make sure that every use is done to promote your plans of ultimately profiting. While when you use free content in many instances this content comes with the original author's byline which might cause the customer to be persuaded to visit their website rather than just following through with the actions you propose.

Because there are so many affiliate programs now, it has become very easy to find relevant affiliate sites that provide great affiliate commission rates. So that if you become good at preselling their products, and deliver their customers to their website you'll find your articles could be very profitable for you. Once you have the customer at your website, it's important that you entice them to the next step which is going to your affiliate companies website and purchasing.

Affiliate programs are the key to taking your online writing and making money. There is money to be had for everyone. Good luck in your affiliate/article marketing.
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