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How To Make Killer Money As An Affiliate With Articles

Jan 8, 2008
Writing informative and interesting articles promoting products from companies that offer affiliate programs can be a great business. When you write an interesting article that causes potential customers to come to your website, where you promote the product from the company. If the customer purchases a product after visiting your website, then you are paid a portion of that sale depending on the affiliate program in place.

By using the article to generate the initial interest, you're able to direct the customer to your website which should have a good sales pitch that entices the customer to click onto the company's website. If you have useful and interesting information, chances are the customer might come back to your website periodically. You'll find that in many instances, people are much more likely to buy again from other promotions you have generated for them, giving you more chances to make a profit from them.

How To Create The Articles

Don't worry if you're not naturally a writer, in today's internet society it has become much easier to get free or reasonably priced content. Writing ability should be no excuse for not getting great compelling content.

When you first look for an article writer, it's best to have a writing strategy all laid out ahead of time. You should know what you want to write about, the length, style, what you're trying to sell, and some salient points you'd like to make about the product, plus a general idea of what your ideal customer will find interesting and compelling. You don't get that type of flexibility when you find free content, as you're pretty much stuck with what you find.

The benefit of creating your own content, is that you now own the copyright. You control the placement of the article, and you control where the user is directed to. If you happen to get some free content off of a article directory for instance, then it's entire possible that the reader might be enticed to click on the original owner's byline and thus shortcutting you out of a potential sale.

Because there are so many affiliate programs now, it has become very easy to find relevant affiliate sites that provide great affiliate commission rates. So that if you become good at preselling their products, and deliver their customers to their website you'll find your articles could be very profitable for you. Once you have the customer at your website, it's important that you entice them to the next step which is going to your affiliate companies website and purchasing.

Whether you are a good writer, or you hire good writers, you can use affiliate programs to make decent money online. Have fun, and good luck.
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