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Writing Online Articles for Fun and Profit

Jan 8, 2008
Writing articles benefits affiliate marketing website owners in several ways.

The first benefit is that article marketing creates links back to your website. When you submit your article to an article or ezine directory make sure your website link is present in the the "about the author" field. When published, your article will have a link back to your site. The more places your article is published, the more links that will point to your website. As we all know, back links to your site help your site rank more favorably with the search engines.

Another obvious benefit is that the article will encourage readers to visit your website. If your goal is to earn money on the internet, traffic is key to your success. So the more visitors to your site the better.

A less obvious benefit, is that articles enhances your reputation as an expert. If you write your articles with some quality content, your readers will appreciate the information and you will build creditability with them. They are more likely to trust your recommendations of products and sites.

Writing an article is not as difficult as you may think. Start writing and don't worry too much about the grammar and spelling. To be efficient and productive you'll need to develop speed in writing the words on the screen, regardless of their appearance. You will be surprised by how much you get done and how your momentum picks up as you write more. Then, once you have finished, go back and read and correct any spelling mistakes. A tip is to put it aside for 24 hours and then read it again. With a fresh perspective you will find additional errors and possibly awkward language that you can correct before publishing. Or if you are not confident in your writing, ask someone else to proof read for you. Try reading it out loud to see how easily it reads.

If you are promoting a product, keep the article relevant to the niche that the product is in. The goal should be to inform and educate the reader so that the benefits of the product are that much more obvious. Make sure you that you choose carefully the category you submit the article to. If you are promoting a website builder for affiliate internet marketers don't categorize your article under the "New to the Internet" category. This is where many writers can get it wrong and miss reaching their target audience. Take your time and search through the categories for the one most relevant for your article. If you are not sure, browse through some existing articles in a category you think might be appropriate.

Your article is available for other webmasters to publish. They are motivated to do this in order to add quality content to their site which may improve their search engine rankings. If this happens your article takes a life of it's own, further spreading backlinks. The webmaster that publishes your article is obligated to preserve your author credits and links.

In short, you will see an increase in traffic to your web site using the power of articles. Keep in mind the majority of people who go on-line are looking for information about products or services they are interested in. If you as an affiliate marketer can provide information that is useful, then will you have the prospects of visitors returning to your website often.
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