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Why Apply For A Job That Doesn't Exist?

Jan 8, 2008
So, you're fed up with your job and decide a career change is called for.

How about a career in the police force? Or nursing? How about training to become an astronaut?

There is a myriad of directions you can go in. There are the usual, run of the mill jobs that will pay just enough to get by. There are training courses to educate and broaden your horizons. If you know where to look there are career paths to follow that you would never dream of doing.

Opening the paper for your weekly job search, you find nothing in the classifieds to interest you. However, many other things grabs your attention. For example, the recent influx of immigrants, the rise in unemployment figures and the failings of the NHS to name just a few.

This sets you on a train of thought about how you can make a difference and you choose to use your job search to do so.

Deciding to search for a career within parliament you want to go straight for the House of Commons but your job search is fruitless.

Why are situations vacant in the House of Commons so hard to come by? After all, you hear of MP's leaving all the time.

In 1623, a resolution passed by the House of Commons states that MP's are unable to simply resign. Maybe this was a protection for the people when things got tough for those in power to stay and fight our corner as opposed to just throwing in the towel and walking away.

The freeing up of a seat in the House of Commons only happens upon death, elevation to the peerage, disqualification, expulsion or the dissolution of Parliament. All very drastic reasons, so how did Madam Speaker, Betty Boothroyd, recently manage to leave her job?

The first female speaker to be elected in 700 years, Ms Boothroyd eventually decided to quit. She engineered disqualification by applying for a spurious, paid office of the Crown. Traditionally, this would be either Crown Steward and Bailiff of the three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham or The Manor of Northstead.

After applying for one of these non-existent positions, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will sign their Warrant of Office and the parliamentary seat becomes vacant. Neil Kinnock was also a well known MP who used the Chiltern Hundreds as a get out clause and Leon Brittan and Enoch Powell chose The Manor of Northstead.

So, if making a difference to the running of the country is what you want to do, then you have to start off at the lowly beginnings of local parliament. If this is a little ambitious for you, then it's back to the job search.

A job search no longer has to be done through the local paper or job centre. There are a multitude of avenues that can now be investigated to find the job of your dreams.

Education has really opened up to the masses with the widespread use of the internet. It can also be used for job searches in any area of the world. Recruitment agencies are now commonplace on most high streets and often specialise in particular areas. Because of this, they are often able to negotiate a better rate of pay.

Specialist training is available and a quick search of the internet will show up jobs that you never even knew existed. So, whether it be the supermarket checkout job to pay the bills and buy the kids uniforms or something a little more ambitious like servitude in Buckingham Palace, good luck with your job search.
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Recruitment expert Catherine Harvey looks at the job search possibilities for government work. To find out more please visit http://www.needajob.co.uk/
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