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Getting On Social Bookmarking Sites Front Pages

Jan 8, 2008
Given how simple it can be to get information in front of influential customers, it only makes sense to take the steps to get on the front page. The front page of social bookmarking sites offers an opportunity for increased page views, visitors, and increased exposure across multiple channels. Getting on the front page makes it easy for millions of visitors to get the 'first impression' with very little effort. Still, it's not an easy process. Sites such as StumbleUpon.com, for example, can generate as much as 20,000 page views after just one showcase on the front page. But how is this possible?

The first step in reaching the top ranks is to develop a creative headline. All articles on social bookmarking sites that have some leverage contain a unique and compelling opening; they encourage readers to click on the link, and essentially draw people in. It may be helpful to brush up on article-writing and effective web copy to understand the guidelines for writing compelling headlines.

The next step is to right an appropriate description. Descriptions are essential for ensuring your captive audience stays with the article through completion. The first 10-15 words can make or break the article, and this is the time to keep the information short and concise but informative enough to keep the reader engaged. Some social bookmarking sites don't allow more than 150 characters, so you may need to edit the text down according to site standards.

After reviewing the headlines and description, you will need to make sure the first paragraph is just as compelling. You've grabbed the user's attention, and now it's time to continue on with a unique presentation. Posting irrelevant information may result in banning from the site, so it's important to stay within spamming guidelines.

If you are posting information from a blog, it may be simpler to just add a bookmarking button on the site. Bookmarking buttons can be pasted within a website or blog with some simple HTML code. You will simply copy the code and implement it on the site so that others can link to it easily. Or instead of adding bookmarking buttons one at a time from each social bookmarking site, you can run simple scripts that will add multiple buttons all at one time like the free script from http://addtobookmarks.com/

Once you've submitted your piece, it's important to network and 'socialize' with other people in the community. This can help you create an active profile with various communities, but also provide added exposure for relevant posts or links. Cooperation and collaboration on social bookmarking sites are essential for creating a valuable network, and you can gain an even more influential presence as you find the right networks and communities to join. Responding to comments, posting information on other people's articles or blogs, and just staying connected to various channels will help you build a positive online reputation.
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