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Why You Should Make The Most Of Independent Meeting Venues

Jan 8, 2008
Finding the right meeting venue can be a daunting task. There are so many options across the country that if you don't know what you're looking for you will soon find yourself struggling to know where to start.

Normally the most important factor people consider when looking for a meeting venue is the location. Often a company or person will choose to hold a meeting in a meeting venue so that they can meet a client half way.

It might also be the case that the company hosting the meeting do not have adequate facilities in their office so need to find a venue that does. So what are the factors that must be considered when you are choosing between possible meeting venues?


Often companies may choose to use an alternative venue to their own offices to have a meeting with clients or other businesses. This may be to make it easier for the people invited to the meeting to attend. For example a Scottish based company may wish to host a number of people from a London based company. It makes much more sense for them to send a representative down to London to host a meeting than expect the London Company to send all their people the other way. In this type of scenario the best way to host a meeting would be to use a neutral meeting venue close to where the delegates live or work.


Another major reason some companies use meeting venues is if they want to deliver a meeting or presentation that would benefit from technology. For example a company may want to use a sophisticated projector system to really show off their business. They may not possess the right room or technology to do this effectively and may therefore choose to utilise a hi-tech meeting venue. Many meeting venues benefit from linked computer systems so that numerous delegates can have access to the same information whilst sat together in a meeting.

Room size and room function

Another major reason a company may use an independent meeting venue is so that they can accommodate a larger number of people than they can at their own offices. It may also be that the meeting or event that the company want to host may be better suited to a different type of room. For example the company may wish to deliver some training to a large number of people. In this case a lecture room would be most appropriate and the company is unlikely to have one of their own lecture rooms so will have to look elsewhere.

Environmental consideration

An increasing number of organisations are seeing the importance of choosing a venue that takes the environment into consideration. This is even encouraging some organisations to hold meetings closer to where the people that attend their meetings live. Many are choosing venues close to public transport links and encouraging people not to drive. This will result in a reduced amount of emissions. There are numerous venues that also take the environment into consideration and utilise energy saving technology.

Venue to make an impression

Often it might be the case that a business really wants to make a good impression on their delegates and inviting them to your drab gray office block may not be the best way of doing this. So many businesses utilise fancy buildings to hold their meeting or event. You can really make an impact with the right venue.
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