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MLM Training - How to Create Superstars in Your Downline So You Can Retire Early

Jan 8, 2008
New to MLM and need some pointers to put you on the fast track to wealth and success in network marketing? You have seized the opportunity to achieve the income and lifestyle you've always wanted. This information MLM training tip will show you how to get that lifestyle and income as quickly as possible.

Here's a question a network marketer sent in to me:

I am new to MLM - and I already feel like I am spread too thin. My down
line (small as it may be now) will continue to grow and I will not be able to give them each unlimited access to my time as is the case now. However, I want my downline to feel fully supported. How do I focus my training & maximize my time?

The real underlying question I see is, "How do I provide my downline with the proper MLM training downline so I can retire?"

Pretend you have a young son. He doesn't yet know how to tie his shoes. You are taking him somewhere and as you're gathering up your items to leave you look down and see that his shoes are untied. What do you do?

You see, if you tie his shoes, the job will be done and you'll be on your way out the door quickly. But you will have to continue to tie his shoes every time they're untied. Why? Because you didn't invest your time in training the boy how - you expended your time by doing it for him.

In the Brilliant Compensation DVD I make a statement that is the secret to wealth - and the answer to this person's question:

Wealth is hidden from those who must do it all themselves. Wealth exposes itself to those patient enough to train others.

With that thought fresh in your mind, I'll finish the story of the boy who needs his shoes tied.

If instead of tying the boy's shoes you teach him to tie his own shoes; he will not learn it immediately, so the immediate result is that it will take longer. But in a few days (or weeks) he will learn how to tie his shoes. Then, he will be able to do it on his own and you won't have to.

So, if every time your down line calls you with their shoes untied...and you tie them - you've only expended your time and will continue to spread yourself too thin. The first MLM training concept for you to remember is: Invest your time and train them so that they will never have to come to you with that question again.

The second part of this MLM training tip is, don't answer people's questions below your front line. Every person you help below your front line is like inheriting a new front line because you will teach everyone in your downline that you have answers that the people in between you and them don't have! If you do this you will never have "time" and you'll NEVER retire.
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Tim Sales helps network marketers gain the skills necessary to be successful in MLM. His MLM training is based on his personal success of building a downline of 56,000 people. Instantly access Tim's free MLM training and learn the steps to achieve success at www.brilliantexchange.com/mlmtraining
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