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Consider A Turnkey Website

Jan 9, 2008
You have quite a few options regarding your new website. Are you going to have it professionally designed? This will be the most expensive option. Will you design it yourself? Much cheaper option, but you need to have some technical knowledge. Or will you use a turnkey website? Inexpensive option and no technical skills are required.

A turnkey website is a fully functional and operational website site. In most cases, it includes hosting and anything else needed to run the site such as pre-installed interactive scripts for forms, shopping carts (with product images, descriptions, and prices), and even affiliate programs. The buyer of a turnkey website can be in business immediately. As an added benefit, you will often receive free hosting or heavily discounted hosting if you host the website on their servers. However, it is not a requirement for the purchase. You can move your website to any host you chose.

A turnkey website is similar to buying a franchise. Everything needed to run the business is already in place. All you need is the customers. Similarly, for an internet business, all you need is the traffic or visitors. A turnkey website is for those who want to get started right away and do not have the desire, interest or patience to build a website of their own.

One of the best benefits of a turnkey website is the price. You can buy a turnkey website for much less than the cost of a custom designed website. Another benefit is the time you save since you will not be engaging in web design or waiting for a web designer to complete your website.

If you are eager to get started with an online business and you have no idea where to start, a turnkey website business might be for you. Most turnkey websites can be used as designed but most offer the option of customization so you get the best of both worlds.

The most important thing to remember when using a turnkey website is even though you can use the website as-is, the ability to customize your website is desirable. You will have the most success if you add your own content and personality to the website. I didn't say totally redesign the website, just personalize it.

As you are searching for a turnkey website, I advise you to stay away from the providers that have requirements of profit sharing or requiring you sign up for other services or programs that you are not interested in or that you have to pay for.

A turnkey website is a great option for those of you that want to get started with an online business quickly. You can take your time and make customizations as your schedule permits. Consider a turnkey website as one of your many options when starting your home based internet business. It saves you money and time so you can get started with your business right away.
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