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6 Tips On How To Use Traffic Exchanges To Build Your Business

Jan 9, 2008
Traffic exchanges are wildly popular. You see them everywhere you look, but do they work? In this article we will answer that question and discuss how you can use traffic exchanges to build your business.

In simple terms a traffic exchange is just what it says. You exchange clicks on ads for potential traffic. I say potential because although your ad is being displayed that does not guarantee traffic. It just guarantees impressions or exposure.

To get people to look at your ad and then click on it and go visit your site takes some skill. This is how you use traffic exchanges to build your business if you do it right.

1. You keep it very simple. The first thing you notice when you are surfing ads for credits is that most people are promoting a sales page and you are waiting a few seconds so you can click on the next ad. A sales page is not simple. It is too long and most people will not read it.

2. Promote a landing page instead. A landing page or a splash page is short and is designed to get people to quickly give you their name and email address. Your landing page needs a good title, a couple of support statements, a free gift, and a short 2 line form.

3. Get a good autoresponder and follow up with your free gift and then anything else you want to promote. You are better off to give and give some more in the email messages you send. Eventually you can ask for an order, but that comes later.

4. Surf several traffic exchanges at one time. Click on one, go to the next, go the next, and so on. Using a browser with tabs like Firefox will help you do this quickly. Try to do 4, or 5, or 6 at a time if you can.

5. If you do not like one traffic exchange you have joined, replace it. Eventually you will find several that work well for you. Then work those every day.

6. Watch your email for any specials. Different traffic exchanges will offer double credit days, or incentives to get you to surf. Use those to your advantage and surf extra hard with them on those days.

Traffic exchanges will work if you work them. The nice thing is they are free to join and can give your business a jump start when you have more time than money.
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Dr. Daniel Trainor is an established internet marketer and mentor. To find out how Dr. Trainor can help you make money from home go to Perfect Wealth Formula
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