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How to Create a Huge Keyword List

Jan 9, 2008
Keywords are more than words. They are the thoughts of your audience. They represent wants, needs and desires. When you use the right keywords on your web pages, you're speaking the emotional language of your target audience. Learn to speak this language well and the search engines will reward you with a high rank.

With that in mind, picture your ideal prospect sitting in front of the Google home page with the cursor blinking in the search box. What would he type? What word or phrase would he enter to find what he's looking for?

You may hope people are searching for a particular word but in reality no one is. So you need to find out what keywords people are actually searching for. The great news is that you can find out if your keyword list is valid by plugging your brainstormed keywords into proper tools.

To test your keywords, you can get a hold of any or all of the following tools: Overture, Good Keywords, Keyword Finder Utility, WordTracker, Keywords Analyzer, Your KeyWord Assistant. The first three are free; the second three do require an investment.

Regardless of which program you choose, all you have to do is put the keyword in the search box of the tool to find out how many searches were done on that particular word in the last month. You'll also see related words and phrases as well as the number of times those related words were searched for during the last month.

With these tools, you see exactly what is in demand. Words with high search counts mean lots of people want to know about that particular topic. By using several of the tools, you can find more keyword options to make your list as big as possible. Once you do that, combine your results from all the tools, then eliminate the duplicates.

For help with that process, use Keywords Analyzer and/or Your KeyWord Assistant. These tools help you remove the duplicate phrases and find the phrases that are going to be the most relevant to what you want to target. The advantage of using several tools is that you can create a massive list of all possible keywords that relate to the core word.

A massive list is just the starting point to help you generate traffic. Because the more targeted the words you use, the more targeted the traffic you get. And when you have lots of targeted traffic coming to you from the search engines, you have high conversion rates and a profitable online business.
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