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Three Ways to Motivate Your Prospects to Buy Immediately

Jan 9, 2008
One Time Offers convey a sense of urgency to your prospects and motivate them to buy immediately. When done correctly, these offers have a high conversion rate. For example, let's say a marketer named Bob targets dog owners with his website and newsletter. His goal is, of course, to monetize his traffic as soon as possible, so he puts the OTO into action in three ways.

First, he uses the OTO as a Downsell. This targets those visitors who didn't respond to the original OTO immediately after they subscribed. Bob knows these people are interested in what he has to sell or they wouldn't have subscribed to his newsletter, so he crafts a different offer with the assumption that the $97 was just too much money for them to pay.

They may have wanted his Dog Training Kit but just couldn't afford it. So he shows them another OTO for less money. He makes it as close to the original offer as possible so he is able to deliver maximum value to this customer group. Here he sells all the ebooks in the kit with only the first section of the course for $47 and fewer bonuses. Once again, though, he creates a sense of urgency. This is the only place they could get just a section of the course. Everywhere else it's sold in its entirety for the full price.

Second, he uses the OTO as an Upsell. This targets the hyper-responsive customers, the ones who responded to the initial OTO. While they have their credit cards out and are in buying mode, Bob gives them a chance to get the absolute most for their money. Here he adds value to the original offer. Instead of the digital version of the course, they can upgrade to a hard copy and have it mailed to them.

Plus they get direct access to Bob for a live phone coaching session, something that normally costs hundreds of dollars but they can get the session as well as the Kit this one time only for $147. These are people who have shown immediate faith in Bob. They don't know who he is. They're not even sure if they like him or completely trust him yet. So Bob knows he has to continue to overdeliver for them. He shows them he cares by giving them the best deals possible even though they don't have a long history of doing business with him.

Finally, he uses the OTO as an Email Message. This targets current subscribers and customers. Anytime Bob launches a new product, he uses the OTO in his email sales messages. This message goes to people who know, like and trust him. He appeals to that relationship, letting his customers know he is giving them a deal-but they can only get it if they respond within a certain time period.

Or he makes only a certain number of products and thus creates a limited supply. Only those who take immediate action can hope to get the deal while enough supplies remain. Creating scarcity is a great option for the OTO as it creates a sense of urgency and convinces the customers to take immediate buying action.
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