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Five Ways to Get Your Customers to Buy From You Again and Again

Jan 9, 2008
Selling a front-end product like an ebook is the hardest sale you will have to make because persuading someone to buy from you the first time is difficult. You have to overcome skepticism an objections, but if you offer a low-risk, low-priced product, the task of making that first sale becomes easier. However, it doesn't leave room for much profit. That's why you need your customers to buy from you again and again. And that's why you need to develop a backend system.

The products you include in your backend should be more expensive than your front-end offer. That just means you need to offer products that have greater value to justify the higher price. When you can charge more, you make more, especially when you have loyal, repeat customers. Customer loyalty is critical to your business success, but to develop loyalty, you need to offer lots of products and opportunities for your customers to buy from you. Here are five ways to give your customers those opportunities:

1. Speaking: selling from the stage is a great way to grow your business. By speaking at seminars other people in your niche host, you don't have to wait for your prospects to go through your entire funnel before introducing them to your backend. Your speech is your front-end, and you can use that opportunity to sell your high-end coaching program at the back of the room.

2. Seminars: you can also host your own seminars. This could be anywhere from a one to four day event where you charge premium prices to attend. You could be the only speaker, or you could line up expert speakers to present to your audience. Then you make a commission on all the back-of-the-room sales your presenters make. Done correctly, this could bring in six figures in a single weekend. But you do need to have deep pockets to front the costs of the event, so this isn't something a beginner should include in his backend.

3. Workshops: this would be a more exclusive event where you limit the number of attendees to something like 12 or 24. It wouldn't be as costly as a seminar, and you could actually charge more for the right to attend such an exclusive event. You would be the sole presenter, and the small group would be able to work directly with you over the course of a few days.

4. Home Study Course: this would include things like a workbook, CDs and DVDs for your customers to work through at their own pace at home. An idea is to record one of your workshops or seminars, then sell those recordings as the home study course. Since you do want to be able to sell this for as much as possible, you'd want to send hard copies of everything to the customer rather than make it all digital. The perceived value is much higher, and your profit margin is still high despite the printing costs.

5. Complete Service Packages: people like to have things done for them, so you can charge premium prices for your services no matter what business you are in. This usually entails an initial set-up fee followed by a monthly fee. Some examples include website services (design, copy, autoresponder series, etc.) and fulfillment services (print, copy and bind workbooks; duplicate CDs and DVDs; mail materials directly to the client).

It doesn't matter which product you want to add to your backend or which order you add them in. The important thing is to keep creating products and keep giving your customers a reason to spend their money with you.
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