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Simple And Effective Ways To Create Your Successful Small Business

Jan 9, 2008
If you're a small-business owner, you probably already know that you have lots of competition out there. Some may be like you, where they are small business, while others will be larger and have a bigger budget to attract competition. Even though you might think your size puts you at a disadvantage, it doesn't have to be that way. There are lots of ways that you can make sure your small business is successful and profitable. In fact, they will require little to no work on your part.

One very simple yet effective way to turn your small business into a success and keep it that way is by making sure you smile. When customers or clients come in, a smile can help break the ice or make someone's day, so when someone goes to buy a product or service, a smile can help them feel appreciated. It may even make you the one to go to if you've got a close competitor. At the very least, customers will feel appreciated, and at the very most, it will increase your business. Either way, it costs you nothing and takes very little effort. And remember that the customer is the reason you are succeeding in the first place. If you didn't have the customer, you wouldn't have your business. Therefore, make sure to smile when you can, not by faking, but by being sincere and wanting to do the best possible, including putting your best face forward.

Small talk, too, can make you more attractive to customers. Simply approaching customers and making sure that they know you're available without being intrusive can make them feel appreciated. For example, you can help a customer find something or ask about their day. Again, make sure you're not intrusive or too personal, but a small amount of small talk goes a long way to making a customer feel more important, noticed and appreciated. In fact, the better customers feel they are treated, the more likely they are to buy as well, so this is another reason to make sure even a simple pleasantry is offered to customers when they come in.

As with small talk, or a smile, simply saying thank you to a customer who takes the time to come in and give you your business is a simple way to offer much deserved appreciation. After all, remember that your customer has the option to go elsewhere or even to shop online these days, so whenever they come in, make sure they know you appreciate their business. What can set you apart even if she can't always offer the best prices is your customer service. Making sure customers are as happy as possible with what they buy from you is also important, but simply offering a good atmosphere and making yourself approachable by saying thank you and "please come again soon" if appropriate will help ensure return business and positive word-of-mouth advertising as well, which in turn will bring you even more customers.

Another way to help ensure that your business is successful is to make sure that you're polite on the phone to every caller. Although this is probably common sense, this can easily be forgotten. If potential customers call with questions about store hours or a product at times not convenient for you, you can't let them know it. After all, if they're calling during business hours, they're just doing what customers do and it's your job to help them. If you must, you can ask the customer to hold for a moment, but not for too long. Again, just as with any other behavior, your behavior on the phone is important and can draw customers in or drive them away. Make sure you maintain a pleasant attitude regardless of the situation. In fact, it helps to keep a smile on your face if you're on the phone, just as you do in person. The smile on your face will show in your voice when you talk.

The advice offered here is really simple common sense, but all too often these days, it's forgotten. Yet if you're friendly, patient and pleasant to be with, you're much more likely to attract new and return business. Your attitude alone can help make a positive name for yourself. This can help keep your business in effect for many years to come and give you a profitable livelihood as well.
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