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Find Your Fortune by Following Up with Your Customers

Jan 9, 2008
The more opportunities your customers have to buy from you, the more money you are going to make. So you must follow-up with your customers. Don't become so preoccupied with driving fresh traffic to your site that you ignore the traffic that's going to make you money: the people already in your system.

Automate your follow-up. Ask your customers how they liked your ebook, report, etc. What ideas do they have to improve it? What did they gain from it? How did it help them? What more do they need? This gets you testimonials as well, which will help establish your credibility, and it will let your customers know you care about them and how your product is influencing their lives.

The big idea is to stay in touch. Even if you have nothing else to sell at the moment. Send them ezine messages. Ask them what their problems and struggles are. Stay busy creating backend products to sell them based on that information.

Feedback is critical. It lets you know whether or not you are on the right track with your business and it personalizes your customer list. When you are writing messages to people who are communicating with you rather than having a one-way conversation, your messages will sound more like they are coming from a friend than a marketer. Once your customer starts to think of you as a friend, he's not as concerned about price. So you can charge higher prices and he'll be happy and willing to pay the cost. He knows you deliver value and wants to continue to get the value you deliver.

Developing new products is not an easy task. It takes work, but once the work is done, you can profit from it again and again and again. In other words, it's worth it. And here are seven major reasons why it is indeed worth the work:

1. You make more money. Would you rather sell 50 ebooks at $20 each or 10 seats at a workshop for $3000 each? Even selling 1 seat at a workshop would bring in three times as much revenue as all 50 ebooks combined!

2. You attract higher quality customers. People who spend $1000 or more with you rarely do so on impulse. They carefully consider the purchase and buy it because they know it will enhance their lives. And because they spent so much money, they actually use the product. This leads to better testimonials, fewer refunds and reduced hassles for your customer service department.

3. You attract higher quality partners. You make more on each sale, so you're able to offer your JV partners and affiliates higher commissions. Since they make more by doing business with you, they gladly promote your products. Which leads to more sales, which leads to even more money.

4. You create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Having a well-developed backend differentiates you from your competitors who continue to sell only cheap ebooks. This means you have less competition and are able to increase your market reach. You're also able to outspend others in your niche to gain new customers because you're making more money than they are.

5. You gain guru status. Since people have the general perception that only the most expert of the experts can charge high prices for their time and products, the best way to show people that you are an expert among experts is by charging premium prices. Act like a guru, and people will treat you like one!

6. You are given speaking opportunities. Since you are seen as a guru, people want you to speak at their events. That makes them look good by association, and it gives you the chance to plug targeted prospects directly into your backend by selling from the stage.

7. Best of all, you add maximum value to the lives of your customers. Your business should exist to solve problems for people at a profit. But how can you solve their problems at a profit if all you offer is an ebook? You can't! One, you will only scratch the surface of giving them what they need of your knowledge with an ebook. And two, you'll only create financial problems for yourself if all you sell is a front-end product!
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