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Your Own Personal Genie: Creating Your Universe In Pictures

Jan 9, 2008
Are there things in life that you have wanted but which have eluded you? Material things, physical attributes, human connections-that for one reason or another you've simply been unable to achieve?

When my wife and I were in the market for a new home, we created together what I call a 'vision board'. We gathered up some arts and crafts supplies--poster board, glue stick, some magazines, photos, etc. and we mapped out exactly what we wanted in a house. We wanted something over 4,000 square feet, not too far from the water, not far from the mountains, on some acreage, in the Pacific Northwest, and as a lark, my wife added something she had wanted since she was a little girl--a gazebo.

So what happened? Well, six months later our realtor brought us to this dream house, down to the gazebo, and we bought it.

I can almost hear the naysayers out there collectively negating the possibility of us manifesting our house with some art supplies and collage crafting. I'm not here to turn anyone into a believer, I'm simply here to pass on what has worked for me, what has worked for scores of my students, and inviting you to take it or leave it. My hope is that you'll take it.

For those of you on board, no doubt you're asking, 'How does this work?'

In an earlier post I spoke of befriending our other-than-conscious gentle giants-the great unconscious. And if you haven't yet read that article, please do so. There is some powerful information on how we can ask for help when we need it and get it.

This is key: what we think about and look at and concentrate on is what we attract to us. In contacting our gentle giant, we are asking for what we want in life.

This distinction is crucial: we must not ask for what we don't want, instead for what we do want. Asking for what you want from your gentle giant needs to be framed properly. 'I don't want any more financial problems' is going to bring financial problems. 'I don't want another bad relationship' brings more of that.

By concentrating on the positive, physically making a vision board, it gives it energy and sets our intention to speed up our ability to manifest exactly what we want.

When you have finished your vision board, put it somewhere where you will look at it for at least ten minutes a day. Maybe have it on the wall in your bedroom next to your bed. It will be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.

A creative thing one of my students did was scan his vision board and turn it into wallpaper on his computer. He's also made a website with the image so he can access the image anywhere, any time.

Another cool thing you can try is to scan the vision board, shrink it down and print it out to the size of a 3 by 5 photograph. This creates a travel sized copy that you can take anywhere.
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