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Review Of Cash Flow Club - Scam Or Legit?

Jan 9, 2008
If you've heard of Passport To Wealth, then you know that they've played a huge role as a succesful home based business on the internet. If you haven't heard of them, let me give you a brief overview, otherwise, skip to the third pargraph.

Passport To Wealth also known as 'PTW' is a software selling company. This program has been one of the most popular picks for newcomers to the industry. The company owner, Darren Gaudry has been able to bring success with the program and compete highly against other big programs such as Roadmap To Riches, EDC Gold, and Emerald Passport to name a few.

Darren Gaudry decided that it was time to create a new edition to exceed the success of PTW because PTW began phasing into old news. So in mid 2007, Gaudry and his associates started the idea and put it to creation. Gaudry also made all his affiliates and staff members sign a non disclosure agreement about the new program that he is about to release. The reason for this is because what they have in store, is supposed to create an internet marketing revolution.

I was able to get some inside information about this new deal, so I am pleased to review what I can about the new program. The new program is called Cash Flow Club. It will not be a replacement to Passport To Wealth, but more of an addition.

Cash Flow Club will be offering four levels to join from. A bronze, silver, gold, and platinum level ranging from $297 up to $1497. This enables flexibility for people from most types of financial backgrounds.

Some of the current members of PTW who are also in its competing programs, gossip that Cash Flow Club will be a knock off of a new program called EDC Diamond. EDC Diamond has a form of passing up sales plus a monthly residual income, and three levels to join at. This is quite the same structure that Cash Flow Club is intending on providing.

On the contrary, members of Passport To Wealth will get a free position in the Cash Flow Club as a bonus for participating in PTW. So if you're looking to save some money and want multiple streams of income, then now would be the time to join Passport To Wealth and lock in a free position for the upcoming Cash Flow Club.

On another note, current Cash Flow Club and Passport To Wealth members have been secretly switching over to a new online business that just launched in late 2007. This new program is called Smart3Up. It's been gaining attention by the masses in a rapid amount of time. As for Cash Flow Club, we'll have to see whether or not the internet gets revolutionized as the company claims.
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Jimmy Torres has completed a great task signing up Cash Flow Club members into Smart3Up. Find out more at The Cash Flow Club website.
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