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Starting a Small Business in Sacramento

Jan 9, 2008
If you are thinking of starting a small business in Sacramento, then now is an excellent time, since real estate prices are down compared to the previous 3 years and retail inflation is also quite in control. Here are some helpful tips to help you start your own business in Sacramento.

Sacramento, the capital of California, has also had its share of foreclosure problems and hence has made the real estate prices stagnant. This is good news if you plan to start a new business because you can now get your business premises, be it a store or office or even a house at a reasonable rate. Sacramento has many departments, which could help you in getting started. One of them is the SBA or the United States Small Business Administration. This department can provide you business loans and arrange for venture capital. Their centers provide assistance to more than a million small business owners, by organizing many workshops, which provide the necessary skills and the right tools to start and maintain your business.

You can get around 85% or your loan amount approved within 10 days, with the SBA standing as guarantor, if you have provided the proper documents while applying for the loan, your projected opening day balance sheet, your projection of income, cash flow and expenses etc. The SBA can also arrange for venture capital for your new business. Under the Guarantee of the SBA, the venture capitalists offer funds for your new business but you will be required to share your profits with them. They can also arrange for debt equity investment and assistance in management.

The OSBD or the Office of Small Business Development of the City of Sacramento can also provide help to you by giving you the correct information and training you in the choice of business. It can also provide you with an Ombudsman and legal services for your small business. The SBDC or Greater Sacramento Small Business Development Center can also provide you with group workshops and training on licensing, permits, accounts, taxes, sales and marketing, and arranging finance. This program is subsidized through state government grants and is offered at no cost to the small business owner. The SETA or Sacramento Employment and Training Agency will help you find the right type of employees needed for your business. They also offer training to staff.

Just like starting a new business anywhere in the U.S. research well on the line of business you plan to start. Use the Internet, consult a mentor and ask around in your family or friend circle. Hire a good attorney and tax consultant to take care of your legal and accounting issues of your business. Hire local people to handle your sales and marketing side, who have good knowledge about the local market. This is especially important if you are opening a small hardware or grocery store. Get your licenses and permits right. Enquire about the local zoning laws especially if you are opening a car wash center or an auto garage, or if you are planning to open up an office in your home.

With its moderate weather and a right mix of immigrants providing you with ready labor, Sacramento is a good city to start your new business. So go ahead, convert your dreams into reality in Sacramento.
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