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Finding Good Content to Use on Your Blog

Jan 9, 2008
It has happened to the best of us as fellow bloggers - you have run out of new and good ideas for content on your blog. Don't be ashamed, this is a common problem that

It can happen to every blogger. You run out of ideas for new content. Don't be ashamed, it has happened to the best of us. But there are so many resources available to you to help you when these types of situations arise. But first, take a breather and try to make a few changes in your blogging habits to see if there is something else that is getting in your way.

There are several different places to look to get ideas for new content on your blog. And the best part is, they are all free! One place to start looking for new ideas are sites that have to do with the top news stories. These may be sites that you already are frequenting like Yahoo News or the New York Times page. When there is news, readers will look for it and want to know what is going on and what everyone thinks about it. Your current events are some of the best ways to get new ideas for quality content.

Another good idea is to look at some of the most popular blogs out there and see what they are talking about. Read the comments that people leave and see which topics get the most comments and hits. This means that these topics are interesting to others will most likely attract them to your page. Check out the all the high traffic sites and see what has everyone reading them.

You could also try looking at search engines to find out what the top themes that people are searching for are. This may vary from day to day, but there is generally a theme throughout them. Find out what people are searching for and create a post dealing with that. This should be able to give you several different topic ideas for your own blog.

If these methods just are not working for you, go to a search engine and try to find free blog articles. There are many out there that you can post until you feel like you have some better ideas. You always want to be posting something, so with these free articles, it at least gives you something to post.

Maybe free articles from other blogs aren't your ideal way to get new content. You could try asking for guest bloggers or asking your readers to write a few posts. This will keep your readers receiving new posts but relieves a little stress from you when it comes to writing different posts each week.

You should always carry a notebook around with you to joint down ideas when they come. You never really know when a great idea will come to you, so it is better to be prepared. There are many other sources besides these for finding content for your blog. Just be creative and you will have success. And don't be afraid of positive changes. Maybe some changes in your theme will help you come up with new and excellent content for your blog.
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