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Using Images to Give Your Blog Posts the Best Possible Look

Jan 9, 2008
When you think about your blog, it should be something that you take a great pride in and what when you look at it, you feel some form of satisfaction. But you should also look at your blog and try and find any possible way to change it and improve it. One detail you might want to take a look at is whether or not your blog has sufficient and great images.

When you talk about blogs, images can be a great addition or a huge setback depending on whether or not they are used in the right context. A great image can not only add to your blog, but is something enjoyable for your readers to glance at while reading. While reading large amounts of text tends to be strenuous to the eyes, especially on computer screens, images can be a great relief to the eye and break up the text nicely.

But before you go and try to find some images for your blog, there are a few things to keep in mind. You don't want to take away from the text, but compliment it. Adding a snapshot that your grandmother took at last year's family party is not an ideal image. The image should be of good quality and add to the text on the page by enhancing the article and not by being a distraction to the readers.

Finding good images is not a hard task these days. If you don't have the funds to go find a graphic designer for your blog, don't worry, there are many other affordable options. And don't ever go and steal an image from another page because you like it or you think it will add to your page. Go and find your own on websites like iStockPhoto or sxc.hu which is a huge photo stock exchange. These types of resources allow you to search through hundreds of thousands of images to find the right one for you. And many images are in very affordable - between one and five dollars.

If images and pictures aren't really your thing, you can always create graphs and charts to post on the blog. A lot of times, these will help your readers understand the text a little better. And with a little bit of creativity, graphs and charts can help display useful information in an exciting way. If this is the route you want to take, make sure that you label it properly to assist your readers in understanding it better.

When you add images to your site, a general rule of thumb is to just be tactful. These images should always enhance your blog, not take away from it. If you are feeling tempted to use some weird and cheap illustrations, or flashing and ineligible graphics, think twice before putting them on your blog. You want your blog to be professional, so only put professional images on it. Just use them wisely and see what kind of reaction you get from your readers.
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