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Managing Your Career Goal Setting Plans

Jan 9, 2008
Goal setting could ensue in the early part of life, before entering the professional world; or it might be sometime later in life, when you are thinking about a career change. It's importance increases from the fact that it will support your livelihood, and it will be something that you will be involved with every day in your life.

Setting A Goal

There are various things that count when you want to set a career goal. The career you choose should be one that you love. If you enjoy your work, it will not seem like work at all. If you love your work, and think that what you are doing is important, it will not only give you tremendous satisfaction, but it will also improve your productivity, and help you progress on your career path. You should know what you desire in life, and once that is known you need to tirelessly and dedicatedly follow the chosen path.

Often, we are not too sure what we want to achieve. But, choosing a career with the kind of work you love doing will definitely help you in the long run. Your chosen career should be such that it brings out your talents, and that those are put to creative use. After working in a different field for some time, I moved into writing. This was something I had always enjoyed doing (but frankly, never thought of as a profession). However, now my work is more like a pleasure and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Though I got into writing quite by chance, and I was lucky enough to "accidentally" get into the field that I loved, this will not necessarily be the case with everyone. That is why it is important at the beginning that you chose a career doing something that you actually like doing.

The Money

For most of the people dissatisfied with their profession, the most common factor is money. You should evaluate the kind of money you will be able to make in your chosen profession. Can it take care of your long-term needs? Is it because of money (or the lack thereof) that you are thinking about changing your profession?

Though loving and enjoying your work is important, for practical purposes, money also needs to be considered. You should strive to strike a balance between your love for a particular job and the money you can make. Everybody has different priorities, and it is you, who will need to decide and set your priorities. It is a universally accepted fact that some professions pay more than others. But the general trend is that if the economy is strong, all professions do well, and people, in general earn good money. However, bad times affect different people and different professions in different ways.

Thus, it is evident that you pay good attention to setting your career goals, it definitely helps in the long run. Goal setting should be done with a clear mind, great determination and focus.
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Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.
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