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The First Year - Transitioning To Employment After Graduation

Jan 9, 2008
Once you step into the working world, you will end up with more responsibilities, more deadlines, and plenty of work. The transition from academic life into the working life will bring along lots of adjustments.

You need to discipline yourself in order to adapt to your new lifestyle. Your first year in the working world will be an important phase of your life, as you will be exposed to an entirely different environment, meet new people, shoulder new responsibilities, and face new challenges. Listed below are some of the important phases that you will go through once you are out of college:

Job Hunt

Failing to find a good job can shatter your confidence. You need to use your networking skills to let everyone know that you are looking for a job. Scan classifieds and online job listings to find a job that fits your needs. Mail your resume to prospective employers and prepare yourself for interviews. If necessary, register yourself with a recruitment agency that can help you find a job.

Adjusting To The Work Schedule

Once you find a job of your choice, the next stage is to adjust to your new routine. In your full-time job, you will have to work for eight to ten hours. Getting up at as early as six in the morning can be the worst part of your new working life. Obviously, in order to get up early you will have to cut short your late night parties. If you are tired and exhausted, the quality of work will suffer and affect your overall performance. You may begin your day with a morning run or a workout at the gym to feel energetic.

Dealing With Your Boss

Dealing with a difficult boss can be very intimidating, as your relationship with them may make or break your career. If your boss is not too happy with your work, make a sincere attempt to evaluate your work performance. However, if you feel that you are doing your best, then it may be time to reassess your suitability for your current position, or to move on and find a new job.

Dealing With Your Colleagues

Unlike college, you will be among people from different age groups. Although you may share an excellent rapport with all of them, it is important that you are always polite and cordial to everyone. Good interpersonal relationships at workplace are crucial for creating a stress-free work environment.

Managing Stress

Today's business world depends heavily on computers as a result of which jobs are more sedentary than ever before. Your job requires you to sit in your cubicle for hours causing serious health issues in the long run. Many organizations have recreation centers within their offices where employees can unwind for a while.

Even if your office does not have such facilities, you should make it a point to step away from your computer few times each day to stretch out. This will save you from end-of-the-day neck cramps and back problems. You can wind up your day with your favorite sport - that can help you stay healthy and is great for relieving stress. Since your working life takes most of your day, you must learn to manage your time effectively so that you can find enough time to pursue your favorite hobby.

This time in your life may be stressful, but by following the tips above, you can make the transition a whole lot easier.
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