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Maximizing Ad Revenue on Your Website

Jan 9, 2008
Controlling your blog and staying on top of the advertising, content and every other small detail can be a hard task and not very fun at time. But you do want your blog to look nice and attract others, but at the same have plenty of good advertisers. This may sometimes seem like a hard task. But if you know what you are doing and get a little help, you can get everything placed in exactly the best spots possible. But it may take a bit of work and even some trial and error.

A lot of times a small, simple change in where you place your advertisements can make a huge difference and you can sometimes even double what you were making beforehand. But these changes need to be strategically placed and improve the look of your blog, not take away from the content and still be appealing enough to draw back more customers.

Most of the time you want to place your ads in spots where they will get noticed but you are not trying to make them the focus of your page either. Google Adsense has made a few recommendations for spots for good advertisements. They suggest that you place ads as banners across the top of your page or also in rectangle sizes which don't take away too much from your page but are easy to notice.

Another thing to consider is placing the ads close to your content. That way they will notice them as they are reading along or words may just jump out to them that are similar to what is in the content. You also want to try and keep it simple. If you have too many advertisers all over the page, your blog can get too complicated and hard to read or find where the content starts and ends.

You could try and place your content just above the fold of the page. This means that they will first be looking at your advertisements and Adsense before even getting to your content. But if you content isn't even viewable until they scroll down, they may lose interest quickly in scrolling down to see everything. But putting a small chunk of content above the fold, this will cause your readers to have to scroll down and see more.

On the flip side, if you do not put much of your content above the fold, this may not increase your chances of having frequent and steady readers, but it may increase the responses to your ads. When your blog comes up and the first thing they see are a lot of different ads, their first response may be to click on a few. By placing your ads just right, you could make a lot of good money.

What it may come down to is whether or not you want frequent readers or lots of clicks on your ads. Depending on your motives and what your main goal is, it may be different for every blog. But you can still take advantage of your ad space by placing them in the right spots to attract more people. And if you do it how you should, your profits will more than definitely increase.
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