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Foundation Skills For A Successful Career

Jan 9, 2008
In order to really succeed in life, you need a foundation skills for a successful career that will gear you with a competitive edge to obtain the job that you are striving to achieve. There is a great competition that surrounds in a particular job position and if you do not have any job acquiring skills, you would be left behind of others.

One important skills that is needed for choosing a successful career is your ability to follow-up your applications and contacts. For a job seeker, you would probably need to submit application to more than one company to secure a position. The most common scenario that your application would go through is that, your application would just be put in a corner of their human resources office until, like other applications, be forgotten- you need a follow-up skills to lessen the chance of your application to be just dumped.

The first essential thing that you need to remember to be able to have a follow-up for a particular job that you have applied or job that is offered to you is to establish a foundation of contact as early as on the first meeting- be sure to get the office address; the name of the human resource manager; the phone number. This is one of tips for having a successful career development program. There could have been great promises during your first meeting and if you do not have a follow-up, those would just turn to nothing. Having a follow-up also strongly indicates that you are in great interest in applying in such a job.

The next thing that you have to remember when you do follow-up is to have it done with every lead your contact gives you. If a particular person would just tell you that you call someone you know in the company, does not help you. Call him instead. Contact the particular person whom you've got a contact details. Remember that choosing a successful career greatly depends on your enthusiasm for the job position your applied for and one manifestation of great desire is to constantly follow-up all the applications you've submitted.

More importantly, it is advised that you follow-up your application in person- one of effective tips for having a successful career development program. Actual verification of your application could be the strongest point that you can initiate because actual conversation is far more effective rather than using phone, email,snail mail, etc. When you plan to visit there office, be sure that you have sent an email or any medium that would make them aware that you would be visiting their office.

Even if promises were made- telling that you have got their thumbs up for a particular position, this does not a strong indication that you can really obtain a job promised. Again, you need to have foundation skills for a successful career and making effort to establish contacts is one of effective strategy to succeed.
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