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Effective Tips For Article Marketing

Jan 10, 2008
Article marketing if done correctly can be a very powerful promotional and advertising resource, as it allows you to reach prospective customers in a number of ways. This might be people subscribing to your opt in list or newsletter or visiting your content page through a link. If you follow the right path this can be achieved very quickly and on a large scale. Article marketing as a means of website promotion has been and continues to be very popular. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge of a particular area of interest. At the same time, you are able to give to your readers useful and entertaining information and best of all it is free of charge.

By including a link to your website or business opportunity in these articles you will receive the benefit of a backline if they decide to use the content provided in your articles on their web sites, along with some valuable free traffic which has cost you nothing. It is possible in some cases for a good quality article to remain high in the search engines for a long time

Your article should contain strategically placed keywords. You should include your keywords in the title and in the first and last paragraphs and say once in every hundred or so words. Be careful not to overuse your keywords as that may be viewed as spam by the search engines. If you are submitting to an article directory that allows a link in the article body, make the most of this and use quality anchor text with your link. You need to ensure that the language in the article is easy to understand. It is a good idea to include some bulleted lists to make the article easy to read. Also the article should flow in a natural way, avoiding jumps in the content or an abrupt ending.

If you are using your article to promote an affiliate program, bear in mind that some article directories do not permit direct affiliate links. In any case it is a better approach to create a quality content page (also known as a landing page) on your website that is closely related to the content of your article. In this way you can pre-sell to your prospects by detailing the benefits and then afterwards provide a link to the affiliate program.

If your article is written to promote a product, or an affiliate program that is closely related to the content of your article, the likelihood of getting a click through are increased. Many article directories may delete your article if you try to promote an unrelated product and it will not help your standing in the search engines.

When considering the structure of your article try to avoid long paragraphs. The words have a tendency to get jumbled up in the mind of the reader causing confusion. Readers prefer articles that are easy on the eye whilst at the same time providing useful information. Numbers or bullets are a useful tool to keep the readers attention, as they make the information easy to remember and digest. Format you bullets and numbers with indentations so that the article does look like a single block of square paragraphs. Sub-headings are a useful tool to sub-divide your paragraphs in the page. Doing this will break each point into sections but still add structure to the article as a whole. This makes it easier for the reader to navigate from one point to another.

One of the main stumbling blocks for people new to article marketing is that they often feel incapable of writing original content. There are thousands of Private Label Rights articles available on the internet, on a vast range of topics. Whilst I would certainly not suggest submitting these articles in their original form, it is possible to read several PLR articles on a certain topic and write a new article adding some of your own insights. Many of these articles are badly written in any case so there is a good chance that you can re-write them in your own words and make them more informative. This is not an ideal approach but if it can get you started then it has served a useful purpose.

Many people struggle to produce quality articles which means that demand for content is huge. If you find that you have a talent for article writing you may consider combining some of your work into an e-book which can be sold, or just given away to promote your website or affiliate programs. Many people sell these types of products on sites such as Clickbank where affiliates will market the product for you in return for a commission. It is not necessary to write a massive amount of content as buyers are more concerned with quality than quantity.
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